PLEASE NOTE: We now only work on NAS DEFENDERS. These pages from back in the day are left on line for your viewing enjoyment only.

Please be aware Rover V8s are for in shop installation only.
We do not offer mail order parts or engines.

ECR is your source for Rover V8s! If you need a performance modifications, or a complete engine swap, we can help. We offer a full line of engines from a factory new cross bolted 4.6 to wild performance engines. We also offer a full line of performance goodies from Mallory, Edelbrock, Weber and more. We can easily arrange transport to and from the facility for your Rover, no matter where you are! The best thing about the ECR Rover V8 engine source is that we have built, installed, tested, and scrutinized each of the parts we sell. We will only sell parts and upgrades that work to our standards, not just whatever happens to be selling from the mail order companies. We have built Defenders and Range Rovers that run 0-60 in less than 8 seconds and have tested these vehicles and parts long term over many years of use. We've tried everything from superchargers to K&N filters and we can give you the complete scoop on what works and what doesn't, we've installed and driven them all! All the parts we offer meet our demanding needs both on the road and off. So no matter if you are looking for a new 4.6 for your high mileage 1994 D90, or looking to give your 1993 Defender 110 the torque it needs... ECR is your one stop shop for Rover performance. Performance and longevity all at a great price.

New Rover V8s, both engines now installed in Series IIA 109 coil conversions here at ECR.

Here at ECR we can handle any Rover V8 work. If your want to simplify your Rover by putting on a reliable Weber 4bbl carb instead of your EFI system, we can handle that. If you want to switch to EFI from your twin SU carbs for better off road ability... we can handle that too. No matter what your needs are in regards to Rover V8s we can do the work for you. How about a V8 in your Series IIA 88? Or perhaps an INTERCEPTOR with 340 HP in your Defender 90? Nothing is a problem for ECR. We have even installed Rover V8s into Military Lightweights, and that meant a total re-work of the EFI system. Call us to discuss your Rover V8 needs, we'll be glad to help. The pages of this web site contain many such projects, from V8s in Series Rovers to wild horsepower increases for your Defender 110. Keep in mind as you browse the ECR web site that these are just some examples, let your imagination run wild... we can do it for you.


These "plug and play" ECU computer chips are custom made for our Rovers and work well under all conditions and situations (on road, off road, etc). They will make your EFI system understand that under your hood lurks a new Pursuit 4.6 or Interceptor 5.2. ECR can even modify your older EFI systems to accept a new ECU so that your new engine can have the benefits that the chips offer. We'll set up your new ECR EFI V8 with the correct chip for how you drive and exactly what your needs are.

EFI ECU upgrades are only available for the 14CUX and GEMS computers. Roughly 1991 to 1997. An early Range Rover can be updated to a new computer system, but this will require a new ECU as well as the chip and some wiring modifications. You wouldn't think something so small could do so much good! Available for in house install only.

These chips are used when we upgrade your motor from say a 3.5 or 3.9 to a 4.6 or 5.2. They do not offer much additional performance for your stock 3.5 or 3.9 motor. They are for displacement changes only. We do not offer mail order chips for otherwise stock engines.


We offer a Rover 4.6 to fit nearly any need, built to any specification you desire. You can mix and match options and upgrades easily as each engine is custom built for your project. This is just a partial listing of V8s we handle frequently, so let us know what you are looking for and we'll hook you up your Defender. Most custom Rover V8s are individually built for each client, so delivery times take a few months at best. Stock crate engines are normally in stock ready for install.

ECR engines are for ECR shop install. We do not offer mail order engines for DIY install or other shop install.

Engine Terms:
SHORT block means: Block, crank, rods, bearings, pistons, etc. It can have camshaft, lifters, and timing gears, but the terms are not standardized in the industry so make sure you know what you are buying.
LONG block means: The SHORT block as above, but with the addition of the timing gear, push rods and cylinder heads.

We currently do not use rebuilt 3.9s, 4.0s or 4.2s, because with the added benefits of a new generation, cross bolted 4.6 block at roughly the same price as a 4.0, it would be silly to rebuild your 4.2 (non cross bolted block) when you can so easily upgrade to a 4.6 block for the same money, and in some cases less if you are going through a Land Rover Dealer. Also with the benefits of the 4.6 we would hesitate to have you replace your 4.0 when for the same money you could have the added torque of the 4.6. We know you'll enjoy added horsepower and torque.

ROVER 4.6s:

ECR4.6 long block or stripped engine:
This is a factory new 4.6 short block (not rebuilt) with heads and equipment as described above, but based on the latest generation, cross bolted 4.6 Rover V8. A great replacement for a 4.0 or even as an upgrade for your 3.9 powered Defender. These engine have all the longevity upgrades already in them so that your ECR Rover V8 will last you for a long time and once expertly installed by ECR your Rover will be ready for a lot more miles.

Go here to see a new ECR4.6 installed in this 1997 NAS Defender 90.

stripped engine:

This is an amazing engine, able to transform your slightly sluggish Defender 110 into a power house, or make your Defender 90 go like crazy, even at high altitudes. A full compliment of upgraded for performance and longevity give this bolt in 4.6 roughly 280 horsepower and over 300 ft. lbs of torque!

They are far better than any supercharged Rover V8 and a lot better than even the ultra costly Calloway 4.6 Range Rover! All that performance and longevity for what dealers want for a 3.9!! The Pursuit has upgraded flow in the heads, larger valves, anti pump lifters, upgraded camshaft and much more, and the good thing is it starts out as a BRAND NEW 4.6! The image above shows a Generation II Pursuit 4.6 being set up for install into a Range Rover Classic.
Our most popular 4.6 and upwards of 280 hp!
The new engine consists of even more power upgrades. You now get the stripped engine with all the Pursuit benefits and you now get a new polished intake, with modified trumpets that are larger bore and shortened for even better air flow and the EFI chip (14CUX)! We've also smoothed out the idle a bit for better off road uses, and given it even more air flow in the top end!

Just check out the difference between the stock air inlet (the dark colored inlet), to our new Velocity Stacks (see the image above) that are now standard of the Generation II Pursuit! More air flow means more power and more efficiency.

97 4.6 HSE Pursuit
Although we only do Defenders now, here is a fun example of a Pursuit 4.6 powered Range Rover HSE! Click the image above for more details. This Range Rover will blow away those Calloway Range Rovers all day long!


Roughly 340 horsepower for your Defender!
A true performer, this V8 bolts directly in with no modifications needed and will satisfy your demands for power. The 5.2 is a race engine that has been set up for the street, so it isn't for everyone, but if you demand the most from your Rover, the 5.2 could be the engine for you. Prices are very high for these engines, but for nearly 340 hp and race proven technology, it is well worth it.

Click here to meet North America's most powerful Defender 90!
With an ECR installed INTERCEPTOR 5.2 liter V8
and nearly 340 HP with 360 ft. lbs. of torque this Defender can play on the trail all weekend-
then blow away Porsches on the way to work on Monday!

ECR Also will custom set up any engine and ECU combination you desire. Just let us know how we can help! We work closely with the world's leading ECU upgrade guru, Mark Adams from Tornado Systems, and can even have him do a custom tune on your engine while your project is at ECR.

ECR's Rover V8s do not require a core charge. So if you are going from a 3.9 to a 4.6, you will not be charged a core charge, and your take out engine is yours to do with what you please.

Be Careful... Even if you buy your Rover V8 from a quality Genuine Parts source, you may not be getting a new engine, or an engine rebuilt with Genuine parts. Be sure and ask if the engine you are buying is new or rebuilt, and just who did the rebuilding. It does make a difference. A new ECR engine is a better engine.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: As ECR is located in Maine, we have no tests or figures on any of our V8 products, except for stock replacement items, in regards to exhaust test laws or legality of running/ installing our upgrades on the street in California. The upgrades, such a 4.6s and ECU chips are not certified 50 state legal and responsibility of installing these upgrades rests solely with the purchaser. Everything we offer is legal in the State of Maine.

ACTUAL V8 PERFORMANCE: Dyno test figures are great, but what do they do on the street?

If you have needs for a Rover V8, be it a high performance distributor or a complete ECR4.6, call ECR, the V8 performance specialists! Our latest Rover 4.6 V8 powered vehicles speak for themselves.

A customer from the mid-west had this to say about his PURSUIT 4.6 in a recent email:
"I purchased a 4.6 from you last summer and put it in my 1989 Range Rover... what a difference!.... been to the top of 12,000 ft mountain passes with power to spare... Many Thanks!" Win Rice, 1/20/00, via email.

This 1995 Defender came up from CT for a few upgrades. Now installed is a PURSUIT 4.6 Rover V8, EFI chip, Old Man Emu suspension, Bilstein shocks, ECR drop kit, Hella lights, new brush bar, aux. fuel tank, and much more. Now this D90 can handle any hill and will accelerate in 5th gear! It also gets better gas mileage than a stock 3.9 and has over 275 horsepower on tap!!
Now delivered, the owner of this Defender 90 had this to say about his ECR work in a recent email,
"Thanks for the great work. The ride home was quite enjoyable... I am very pleased with the quality and service I received through this entire upgrade. I will enjoy your enhancements to my truck for many, many years." Joe Gross, CT

This 1990 Range Rover now hides an ECR4.6 Rover V8. With a new 4.6 and a general service of the Rover this Range Rover is ready for the highway, and you can bet this Range Rover won't be slowing down on any hills!
Project Images and Information click here!

1995 Defender 90 with a PURSUIT 4.6 (275 hp. and 302 ft. lbs. torque). It drives and runs better than the stock 3.9
and will also run 0-60 in 7.78 seconds and accelerate like crazy in 5th gear!
Project Images and Information click here!

1995 Range Rover Long Wheelbase with an ECR4.6, Drives and runs better than the stock 4.2
and will also run 0-60 in 8.2 seconds and has enough torque to actually tow!
Project Images and Information click here!

Some other 0-60 times for your comparison: (figures from Motor-Trend Magazine 1998)
1998 Range Rover 4.6 HSE "Calloway Ltd. Edition" 0-60 in 8.4 seconds
1998 Range Rover 4.6 HSE Vitesse 0-60 in 9.7 seconds
1996 Range Rover 4.0 SE 0-60 in 11.7 seconds
1997 Lincoln Navigator V8 0-60 in 10.3 seconds


-The stock 3.9 actually puts out about 162 HP on the dyno. The production figures claimed over 180 HP.
-If your Land-Rover Dealership replaces your engine you will most likely be getting a Rebuilt engine, not a New one, unless you demand ECR service and a new Rover V8.
-All NAS (North American Spec.) V8 powered Defenders can have a 4.6 installed with almost NO modifications, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.
-On older Rover V8s you should NOT use the lower 4 head bolts. These will cause leaks in the head gasket and valley pan.
-You should also use composite head gaskets to eliminate the sludge build up oil leaks around the valley gasket, a common Rover problem on early US Rovers.
-The non-cross bolted Rover V8s have a serious problem with main bearing cap stability, a stud kit can help cure this. A cross bolted block will cure it.
-If your Rover's coolant light comes on periodically, or if you have to add coolant, but don't see any leaks, your Rover V8 is due for at least a cylinder head job. This is a warning sign.
-If your Rover V8 sometimes backfires through the intake or makes a popping sounds as you accelerate, especially when cold, then you have a completely worn out camshaft. This is the failure sign.
-If your 3.5 seems like it has no power it most likely needs a camshaft and timing chain at the very least. They will continue to run for a long time, but power output will be terrible, and 0-60 times will be measured in minutes, not seconds. When the power gets this low, the engine is telling you something... rebuild or replace me, I'm worn out.

Feel free to contact ECR for any of your Rover V8 needs. We'll be glad to help.

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