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1995 LWB Range Rover
A broken crank shaft in the stock 4.2 Rover V8 brought this RangeRover to ECR from Mass. It will be getting a NEW ECR4.6 Rover V8.

Here the old 4.2 with the broken crank shaft (an all too common problemwith the non-cross bolted Rover V8's) has been removed. This client choseto go with a factory fresh ECR4.6 V8. The ECR4.6 comes complete with new4.6 block, cylinder heads, a Piper 101 upgraded camshaft, a dual rollerHD timing chain, upgraded valve guide seals and more. ECR can supply thisperformance engine for less than a rebuilt 4.2 from other US sources!

To take advantage of the new 4.6's potential power and torque the clienthad us upgrade the EFI (electronic fuel injection) ECU with one of our EFIchips. These chips give increased performance and efficiency and adjustthe ECU for the increased capacity of the 4.6.
This image shows the open ECU with the standard Lucas chip removed and thenew chip system installed. We do not suggest you open your own ECU.

Now complete, this '95 Range Rover has an engine that is good for yearsof service and has the added benefit of a large increase in power and torquefor passing power or trailer towing. It will be sent back to its owner inMA soon. You don't have to buy a $66,000. new Range Rover to get 4.6 power!
This 1995 Range Rover now runs 0-60 is 8.2 seconds! with an ECR4.6!
To compare:
$75,000. 1998 Range Rover Callaway 4.6 HSE 0-60 in 8.4 seconds
(figure above from Motor-Trend Magazine)

FYI: This Range Rover suffered its broken crank on the road in Mass.It was taken to a Rover dealer that could only source a rebuilt 4.2 enginefor the vehicle from Rimmer Engineering. We offered the client the optionhe wanted, that the dealer said could not be done. The dealer insisitedthat a NEW 4.6 V8 would not fit where the 4.2 was without modifications.It fits without modifications. They also insisted that we could not do therepairs for the quoted price. We did, the customer is very happy. They alsoinsisted that an ECU upgrade was not available. It is, you can see it above.So as we say, you may not be close to ECR, but can you afford not to haveyour Rover shipped to ECR for major service!
As you can see, the project turned out great, the owner got a NEW crossbolted 4.6 and the ECU chip, and now has tons of power and a better, latestgeneration engine. The REBUILT 4.2 long block was exactly the same costas our NEW 4.6 performance long block. Which would you rather have, increasedpower and torque and a better engine, or a rebuilt version of the exactsame thing that broke in the first place?
The choice is clear... ECR.

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