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We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1997 Range Rover 4.6 HSE
Pursuit 4.6 install

This 4.6 HSE has come to us from Texas for a new motor. The original 4.6 let go and the customer decided it was time to upgrade as well as repair. To that end we will be installing a new ECR Pursuit 4.6 and updating the EFI computer for better performance.

The Range Rover's engine bay looks terrible. The vehicle was delivered to us looking just like this. Pieces are missing and the engine is half apart. The local dealership left the engine like this when the custom decided to send it to ECR for performance upgrades. We will be remove the engine and going through each piece so that everything will be 100% when the new Pursuit 4.6 goes in.

Here you can see the stock 4.6. A water pump failure (notice there is no shaft in the water pump) caused the engine to overheat and wrecked the internals of the engine. The good news is the Pursuit 4.6 is a total cure for this type of failure. It replaces all the internal moving parts of the engine in one fell swoop, for a long lasting, and better performing HSE.

This image shows the Pursuit 4.6 that has been built up for this Range Rover. This is the 275 HP version that comes with the ported and polished intake and velocity stacks, as well as larger valves, a better camshaft and a fully balanced lower end. These engines start off as new factory 4.6s and are then modified to the correct specifications. Next we'll move the cross over parts from the old engine onto the new Pursuit 4.6 and get it ready for install.

Here you can see the Pursuit 4.6 installed in the HSE Range Rover. You will notice that the intake on this 4.6 looks a lot different than the stock intake. The intakes on the Pursuit 4.6 are hand ported and polished. This allows more air into your engine and we all know that more air means more ponies.

This images show the difference between the stock 4.6 plenum base (on the right) and our Pursuit 4.6 plenum base (on the left). As you can see our set up flows a lot more air through larger velocity stacks.

Here is another shot of the plenum bases. the stock 4.6 unit is at the top and the Pursuit unit in at the bottom. Combine more air flow with larger valves, a fully ported and polished intake and heads and you get all the grunt that the stock 4.6 was lacking from the factory.

The next step in the upgrade process is to remove the EFI computer and update the chips so that everything works correctly together for a long lasting and better performing engine. Here you can see the old ECU chips have been removed and replaced with new Pursuit 4.6 chips that will take advantage of the new engine and give more performance.

This images show the assembled Pursuit 4.6 in the engine bay of the 4.6 HSE. It appears to be a stock motor, but don't be fooled, the Pursuit 4.6 packs a punch that the stock motor was always lacking. Unlike bolt on items, like superchargers, the Pursuit 4.6 is a new engine that will give excellent performance, better MPG and last a long time. A supercharger will shorten the life of your current used engine, a Pursuit engine will help keep your Rover going long term.

Here you can see the completed Range Rover 4.6 HSE ready to head back to Texas. The ECU has been updated with software to take full advantage of the Pursuit 4.6's available power and the Rover has been road tested and double checked prior to its send off. The 275 HP plus of the Pursuit makes this 4.6 a really great machine to drive. The gearbox no longer hunts for different gears when climbing grades and the passing punch is amazing when compared to the stock engine. All this and slightly better MPG as well, nothing could be better.
If you have Range Rover needs from a paint job on a 1970's version, to the a new, more powerful engine for your 4.6 HSE, ECR can assist you. Call fax or email and let us know if we can make your Rover world class... just like this one.