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1997 NAS Defender 90 4.6 Install and Repairs

This 1997 NAS Defender 90 has come to us from New York for a number of repairs needed to get it road ready. This Defender suffers badly from an engine that was overheated and now needs attention. The bad news is that the engine needs to be replaced. The good news is that the engine needs to be replaced and we can replace it with a brand new engine.

The original 4.0 V8 from this 90 is in tough shape. It leaks from every seal and has no power at all. The engine oil has coolant in it as well. So with all these indicators it is time for a new engine. So we have removed the leaky and tired stock 4.0 and we'll be replacing it with something better... a brand new 4.6 V8.

Here you can see the new (not rebuilt) 4.6 set up to go into the 1997 D90. The ancillary parts from the old 4.0 have been evaluated, cleaned up and replaced as needed to make for a correct and smart install of the engine. Next we'll install the new 4.6 engine into D90s engine bay and get everything hooked up.

This image shows the new 4.6 resting nicely in the Rovers engine bay. Can you believe that we still get calls from folks (and other shops) who don't think you can install a 4.6 where a 4.0 used to be? Well, here is the proof. A brand new 4.6 nearly ready to fire up in the engine bay of this 1997 NAS Defender 90.

Next we'll chip the computer for maximum engine performance and get to work on the other work needed to make this 90 ready for action.
Some notes on EFI chips for the 1997 GEMS fuel injection:
Don't be fooled by mechanics that say you don't need an EFI upgrade for your 4.6... you do if you want to see results from your new 4.6.
A 4.6 will run safely on a 4.0 tune, but who wants safe when you just plunked down all that dough for a 4.6!
Also beware of shops that will go into the stock ECU and toggle the "4.6" window instead of the "4.0" window in the diagnostic computer. The window is there, but the NAS D90 ECU (computer) contains absolutely no 4.6 tunes in it, so doing this may look good to the customer, but it does not change any parameters in the fuel injection computer. We would at least hope these shops don't charge for this useless service.
A Superchip can give you modest gains, but the only aspect of the ECU the Superchip deals with is the spark. It alters the ignition advance to get more performance. Nothing else is touched. No fuel map changes, no removal of the speed limiter, no rev limiter setting, no idle smoothing, no MPG gains, nothing. For what little you get, we think these are over rated.
The chip sets (2 chips) that ECR offers come from the worlds authority on GEMS system upgrades, Mark Adams, and we have worked closely with Mark for many years to tune and adapt the GEMS ECU to do everything it needs to do. Don't take our word for it, speak with Mark, you will be amazed at his knowledge of the GEMS system.

Here you can see we took care of some of the other needed repairs on the 90. We added a new set if Bilstien shocks and added a full NRP exhaust system to get even more ponies out of the new 4.6

Inside we added some small items like new footwell trims to replace the old sagging units and then put on some test miles to make sure the 4.6 was ready for action.

This image shows the 90 ready to head back to the Hamptons for a summer of fun. The systems we put in the 90 are now fully road tested and sorted so that the owner can enjoy it, rather than have to worry about getting it worked on somewhere. The brand new 4.6 with the updated computer and the new free flow exhaust makes this 90 a great driver. The added punch and torque makes the V8 automatic Defender drive much closer to the way we think it should have come from the factory.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.