Coil Sprung Series Rovers

A few of ECR's Coil Sprung Rovers: Series IIA 109 Station Wagon, Series III 88, and SII 88 Station Wagon

Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

ECR has been offering coil sprung conversions for Series II-III Land-Rovers for over a decade. We've built more coil sprung Series Rovers than all the other U.S. companies combined! The conversion we offer takes the good parts of a Series Rover, and combines them with the best of the new Defender line. Series Rovers commonly suffered from chassis rust/rot, small weak brakes, a wide turning radius, breaking axles, hard steering and a rough ride. The coil chassis system eliminates these problems, but keeps what we all love about Series Land-Rovers. You get a new heavy duty galvanized chassis, front and rear Defender axles, dual circuit 4 wheel power disc brakes, a better turning radius, (reduced by a number of feet!) better on and off road performance (coil sprung Rovers have twice the RTI "ramp travel index" of leaf sprung Rovers) and much more. Below are some comparison photos of coil sprung and leaf sprung 88's and 109's that ECR has built. This shows you the minor exterior changes that occur when you install a coil chassis system. (The coil chassis Land-Rovers are in the foreground of each image)

coil and leaf sprung 88coil and leaf sprung 88

Coil and leaf 109scoil and leaf 109s

The chassis system also opens up a host of combinations not usually available to the vintage U.S. Rover market. We can easily install the late model 5 speed gearboxes and automatics, along with the Rover V8's and Tdi's. The weak front and rear axles of the Series Rovers, and the non-CV joint front ends kept most of these combinations out of the Series Rovers previously. The coil 88s and 109s are also less likely to roll over in accidents due to their wider more stable track. They ride smoother and have easier steering. The steering rides on roller bearings in the coil axles rather than on bushing as in leaf sprung Rovers.

(Left: Coil Rover with flares. Right: Coil Rover with ECR 16" rims for a stock look)
The look of your Rover can remain stock or be upgraded. With the coil chassis system it is possible to retain the stock look of the Rover with 16" wheels that will fit under your existing body panels, or you can fit fender flares to give your SII-SIII for a more updated look. The image above shows 2 of our recent coil conversion 88s. One has a stock look, and the other a more updated look. You have many choices with the ECR coil system.

ECR offers Lightweight or (air portable) coil conversions as well. We gladly offer military style rear cross members and other options so you can set up your coil Rover the way you want it. The images below show a leaf sprung Series III Lightweight (dark green) and a coil sprung Series III Lightweight (tan/green). This shows you the difference in ride height and track width. Notice that because the Lightweights are narrower than regular SII-III Rovers, fender flares must be used to cover the tires with a coil chassis. To see more images of coil Lightweights see the "Restorations page" on this site.

leaf and coil Lightweight coil and leaf Lightweight

The ECR coil conversions for the Land-Rover Lightweight works on both the Series IIA and Series III. The SIII version is seen above, and the Series IIA version is seen below.

Coil SIIA Lightweight

All the current suspension upgrades available for Defenders, such as Old Man Emu springs, or a Safari Gard J.E. Stage III suspension, for example, will work with, and bolt directly onto coil 88s and 109s. Imagine a Series IIA 88 with a Stage III suspension system, 24 spline axles and more! Unbeatable combination of Series Rover longevity and simplicity and the best suspension set up going. All built on a new galvanized chassis!

Here is an example:

This radical V8 coil sprung Lightweight is one of ECR's creations from a few years back. It has come back to us for some coil suspension updates. It will be getting a Safari Gard Stage II system, complete with their 3-Link front end set up and Fox racing shocks. This will makes this coil sprung, locked and loaded ,V8 Lightweight flex even better!!

Here you can see the new 3-Link system is now in place, and it works great on the trail and off. We have put this 88" Rover through its paces and the 3 link system works well in all situations from 75 mph on the highway, to steep descents off road.

In this image you can see the 3 link doing its job and flexing nicely. ECR can custom install a 3 link in just about any coil Rover and then you too can get RTI scores like this...

This V8, 5 speed, Coil Lightweight now scores just over an 800 on our 23 degree ramp with its ECR installed Stage II 3-Link system, and tests of it in real off road situations prove that the suspension works even better than the RTI scores hint at.
From mild to wild, ECR is your only source for top of the line work and upgrades.

Coil SuspensionThe coil chassis system is a unique chassis, ready for us to bolt into your 88 or 109 just as a leaf sprung frame would. It uses the axles and suspension parts from a Range Rover and/or Discovery that are now plentiful in the USA. We will install your chassis for you using our frame swap system that will save you time and money. When complete, the coil chassis system transforms your Series Rover into a great driving machine, both on and off road.

All the parts used in the coil conversion (except the chassis itself) are Land-Rover parts, made by Land-Rover; therefore, when you need parts or service years from now all the parts will be readily available from your favorite Land-Rover parts source. The set up combines the best of Series Rovers and Defenders, and keeps the Rover all Rover for ease of service and getting parts.

Here is an example of a rolling chassis we built up for DAP in VT to finish off to the customers specifications. Set up correctly with the correct ratio differentials, options and updates it will make a great rig when completed. Click on the chassis image for project details.

ECR Coil systems have now been UPGRADED!! We have made a few changes and a few upgrades to the chassis systems we set up for our rebuilds and restorations. The new suspensions are better than ever and will give you better articulation and better on road performance! We continually strive to make our conversions the best they can possibly be, and we are proud to announce these new updates to the suspension system.

Coil 88 flexing suspension
Wouldn't you like to have a the classic looks of a Series II-III Land-Rover, combined with all comfort, off road and on road ability, and performance of a Defender 90 or 110?

Gilbert 88 in Yukon
One of ECR's many restored coil sprung 88s out exploring the world.
This image shows Brian Gilbert's (Alaska) Series IIA 88 somewhere in the Yukon Territory on over 1500 miles on back county roads. Go here for details of this 88's ECR coil sprung rebuild.
Coil 88 at Arctic Circle
Here is that same ECR built Series IIA at the Arctic Circle!! 3200 miles this trip and the customer wrote us to say that he had a great time, with no failures of any kind! Is your Series Rover up for that challenge?
If not, ECR can get it so that it is up to the task.

Here are some images of customers from the past that built their own dream coil Rovers!
The image above shows a Series IIA 88 that a customer recent built up on a coil chassis, with ECR's help he did most of the work himself and brought the 88 back so that we could re-wire it for him. Now he has this great little 88 with a Safari Gard Stage III suspension, galvanized frame and numerous other tricks. It is now ready to enjoy as more capable on and off road Series IIA 88! What could be better?

Here is another do it yourself ECR coil chassis out having fun on the beaches of Cape Cod. This modified coil sprung Series IIA 88, owned and built by Chris from Badger Coachworks, is a very unique rig. Its "Defender-look" really sets it apart from a typical Series IIA.

If you want further information call or email with your questions on coil chassis conversions. We'll be glad to help.

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