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1994 Defender 90 Soft Top #29
Upgrades and Service

This 1994 D90 soft top has come to us with only 20K miles, and after all those years that is not very many miles at all. That is only about 1400 miles a year! The 90 is in great shape and only needs a good going over, as the Rover has been sitting. It also needs some upgrades to make it better. Normally we go over a Defender from top to bottom and then we discuss what the truck needs with the customer. In this case however, the 90 needs almost nothing, so it is just going to be some routine service and upgrades.

Under the hood we have serviced everything and updated things that tend to leak, like replacing the original cork valve cover gaskets with the newer rubber versions, and items of that nature. A few other routine service items and under the hood is nearly ready to roll.

The last thing under the hood is to replace the oil cooler lines with our upgraded units. These will help keep the 90 from having an engine fire and will help keep the oil temps. down as well, as we route our lines far away from the hot exhaust manifold, unlike the factory originals that run right next to the RH manifold. For more data on why you need this upgrade go here.

Another upgrade that is nice to have, especially on a white Defender, is the upgraded door hinges that do not bleed rust like the originals. Top these off with epoxy primer and paint from our in house paint department and stainless steel fasteners and they make the entire side of the truck look better. Nothing looks worse than rust bleeds down the side of a white Defender.

The factory 1994 radio was an AM/FM tape deck (can you even buy tapes anymore??). So needless to say that is destine for the great 8 track player bin in the sky. To update the sound system we have installed a nice and modern Alpine head unit that has inputs for everything and a built in iPod connection. We also added a CD changer at the back of the cubby box so that a ton of music can be stored in the system. Hiding out is an Alpine digital amp and 4x JL Audio speakers that help round out the system.

To drive the bass in the system, really important in a soft top vehicle, we have added a 10" subwoofer on our custom tailgate subwoofer box. This box is built here at ECR and is then Rhino-Lined for added toughness and all weather protection. In this image you can also see that we have added 4 individual jump seats to the cargo area as well so that the 90 can carry 6 people to and from the beach.

The last upgrade for the 90 will be an upgraded soft top. The 1994 soft top was a miserable thing and hardly worth a mention. We will be installing a top made from better materials and with a host of updates to make it seal better and wear well. You can see above that we have already added the new belt rail kit (the black strip just under the body lip) and we have fabricated the parts needed for the new gutter kit and sent them to the powder coater.

Here you can see the new gutter kit (the black metal parts around the door that helps keep the air and water out) and the new upgraded top installed and looking good on the Rover. This top is head and shulders above the factory top and will make the 90 a much nicer place to be when the weather turns nasty.

This image shows the 90 completed and rady to head to its new owner in VA. The truck was in great shape to start and with a host of ECR upgrades now it is even better and will last longer. It doesn't matter if your Defender needs a little or a lot, ECR is your best Defender source.

If you have dreams for your Defender, contact ECR. We'll be happy to make your Defender world class... just like this one.

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