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1993 NAS Defender 110 #19/500 Service and Upgrades

This 1993 NAS Defender 110 has been delivered to ECR by its owner so that we can get it into better shape and make it more reliable. The truck has close to 100K miles, but it is a good solid example of a NAS 110 with very few rust issues. The Defender is a relatively new purchase for the owner and it needs some routine service work and upgrades in order for it to be ready to go whenever the owner calls on it. Overall the 110 is in nice shape, but sadly its been serviced and repaired at the hands of poor quality shops. The items that are still stock and have been left alone in this truck are still doing very well. The areas that have been worked on and messed with by other repairs shops are in terrible shape. The good news is we will be able to build the poorly done repairs out of the truck and get it back into shape so that the owner can enjoy it without hassles.

Here is an example of small things that needed to be done throughout the truck. This image shows the passenger footwell area of the 110, and there are some very simple things we can do here to make this 110 not only look better, but be much more comfortable for the passengers. You can see the kick panel trim is missing and an after-market speaker has been installed on a goofy spacer that hits your knee as you get into the 110. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system has been stuffed full of insulation and more. We'll install an upgraded kick panel that is made out of alloy, instead of the factory weak cardboard piece, relocate the speaker to the door where it should be and repair the HVAC system so that it works correctly and doesn't bleed heat through the recirculation duct. This one small area of the truck shows an example of the things we need to chase down and get rid of in this 110. Next we'll move on to another area of the truck and fix the items in that area.

The upper part of the interior has the all too typical headliner sag going on, and simple systems like the rear defroster and wiper have been completely screwed up by wiring alterations that were made by previous shops instead them just of fixing the problem correctly the first time. So we will repair all the wiring and get it back to stock configuration without the need for hacked in, added on wires and we'll make everything easy to repair again.

Here you can see the headliners have been removed. Now we will add the wiring for the upgraded interior lamps and clean everything so that the interior will be a pleasant place to be.

The interior of this 110 was a real mess. The windows didn't roll up and down, the dash was basically held in by one or two screws and nothing was assembled right. This not only caused tons of rattles and noises, but the gaps left behind from piss poor past work meant that hot air from the engine bay came straight into the cabin making the 110 a hot and smelly ride. Once we get it all back together it will be sealed up much better and there will be no more hot engine smell in the interior.

Here you can see that after a good bit of work we have the engine bay back together and looking good, and more importantly working correctly. All the strange NAPA style parts have been removed and everything has been put back to the way it should be with correct Land Rover Genuine Parts. We then tuned and tweaked everything in order to make all the systems run strong and work together. We also did further upgrades like updating the coolant temp. gauge and...

upgrading the old original oil cooler lines to our new ROX stainless steel units that will do a much better job of keeping the engine oil cooler (you'll see in the image the oil lines no longer run by the hot exhaust manifold) and these ROX units do not have the tendency to burst causing the dreaded engine fire that has claimed many a NAS 110. For more oil line information go here.

Outside the 110 we have added things like a stainless bolt kit and upgraded door hinges to make the 110 look better (no rust bleeds) and we repaired all the door latches and strikers so that the doors open and close with a gentle push, instead of having to slam them like before.

This images shows the interior starting to come together, The speakers have been moved to the doors and the kick panel has been put into place along with new floor mats and trims.

The dash has also been put back together now that the HVAC and wiring systems are repaired and tested. All the factory hardware is now utilized and all the trims and such are put in place the way they should be. This makes for a rattle free interior and one that is much better to ride in, the heat from the engine is gone, the AC vents stay where you point them, all the dash lights work and much more... like it is supposed to be.

The new headliners have also been installed with new updated interior lights so that at night you can locate items inside the truck and we also have this set up so that the interior lights come on with the rear door open as well, not just the front doors as per the factory.

Here you can see 110 #19 cleaned up and ready for delivery to its owner at his island home. It has been repaired, upgraded and fully tested in all driving conditions so that the owner, and his family, will be able to use the truck without worry of a failure. That is a good thing because this 110 lives on an island away from folks who can fix a Defender, so it has to be right the first time. After going through this 110 and getting everything from the fuel gauge to the rear window wiper, windows to doors, and more to work correctly the owner of this, new to him, Defender 110 will be able to drive in comfort knowing that all the system in the truck have been looked over and repaired as needed, instead of having that worry in the back of his head about his "used car" purchase from dealer X. If the routine services are kept up to date this 110 will now last a good long time, be worry free and be a great ride for the new owners.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.

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