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1995 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top
Repairs and Upgrades

This 1995 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top has come to us from directly from the point of purchase for a round of upgrades and some needed repairs. Its a nice vehicle, and it has low miles, but it suffers from some typical rust items and some botched previous repairs. To make sure the 90 is everything the customer wants when he takes delivery (remember these vehicles are now over a decade old) he has sent it to ECR so that we can make it right for him. As with any Defender that arrives at ECR for the first time, we have completed a full evaluation of the 90 and have discussed that list with the customer to find out what he does and does not want done.

First on the list for this 90 is to cure some rust issues. The body capping on this 90 are getting quite rusty.

The thin paint that Rover used on these areas just isn't holding up and the rust has badly pitted the capping on this 90.

The cure is to remove the capping and replace them, but this time we will do the paint work properly for a long lasting repair. To that end we have removed the safari cage and now we will pull the body cappings off.

The rear step/tow bumper is also in need of some help. We have chipped away the rust, and next we will remove the bumper so that the rust can be repaired and then it can be re-coated for a better look and to keep rust away.

The rear of the 90 needs some freshening up. The rework of the rear step/tow bumper and repainting the rear crossmember will take care of that, and we will also be adding a set of our LED tail lights so that the customer never has to experience the hassles of typical 1995-1997 NAS Defender 90 tail lights. For more LED information go here.

Here you can see the reason why the body cappings rust. They are not painted on the back side. You can see above that once the body cappings are removed there is no paint underneath them, or on the back surface of the cappings themselves. The new cappings can be galvanized for rust prevention, but if you want the stock look a correct application of epoxy primer and paint will make these parts look new and last a long time. Remember Rover used no paint and these parts lasted a decade, so a correct coat of primer and paint will go a long way.

Here you can see the new cappings in our paint booth. We have hit them with 3 coats of PPG epoxy primer and 3 coats of the correct red for a stock look, and long lasting rust protection.

Once back on the 90 the cappings look like they should and will last a long time.

The next step for this 90 is off on the transport, headed to the Rhino-Liner to coat the rear body. Then we will add in the new rear jump seats and then reinstall the safari cage to get ready for the new Badger soft top installation.

Now safely back from the bed liner, we have re-installed the safari cage and tucked the 90 into our paint booth for some epoxy primer and paint on the rear crossmember. Here you can see the rear frame has been sanded down to white metal and 3 coats of PPG epoxy primer have been applied to the rear frame section.

Here you can see we have sprayed on the 3 coats of PPG 9300 black on top of the primer to freshen up the look of the rear end. Next we will add the freshly powder coated rear step/tow bumper for a much better looking rear end on this Defender, and better rust prevention too. You can also see that we have added a set of our LED rear lights to cure the 95-97 D90 tail light issues for good.

Inside you can see that things are starting to take shape. We have installed the new Tuffy center box and now we are setting up the new Alpine head unit and iPod connection for a much broader tune section than the factory AM/FM cassette deck.

In the rear passenger area of the 90 the bed liner is complete and we have added 4 jump seats with seat belts and topped them off with a set of Badger seat covers for added durability and better looks.

Outside we have installed the re-powder coated step/tow bumper and installed the tire carrier, with all stainless steel hardware, so it is now a much better looking 90 that will keep rust away for a good long time. Take a look a few images up and see what this 90 looked like when it came in,. Just a few odds and ends can make any 90 look better and last longer.

Here you can see we are installing the new soft top onto the 90. This is the upgraded top that allows for the sides of the top to be rolled up for a great open air driving experience. We are also installing a set of stainless steel quick nuts so that the door tops can be removed easily for the ultimate in summer open vehicle driving.

For a more finished look we have powder coated the trims around the gutter kit for the top in satin black. This helps them blend in nicely and gives a much better look to the top installation.

Here you can see the engine bay of the 90. It has some typical leaks that need to be repaired. The engine is still very original and it has the leaky cork seals in the valve covers and has a good size mouse nest under the intake. Without breaking the bank we can leave the engine in place and clean up the leaks and issues and get this 90s engine ready for a good long life with proper care. We will install all the updated gaskets and seals that will reduce the leaks and make the engine bay much cleaner.

This image shows the engine bay back together, looking and functioning well. You will also notice the new AC compressor on the engine because we have added Air Conditioning to this Defender. Tucked underneath the engine is a new ECR ROX stainless steel exhaust system for long life and better performance.

To help protect this Rover against an engine fire like this, we have installed a set of our ROX oil cooler lines for cooler oil temps., and reduced risk of fire.

Here you can see the Tuffy box and the new Alpine system complete and ready to go. The new 4 speaker system sounds great and will be very secure inside the lockable Tuffy center console.

This image shows the inside portion of the AC install. The system is quite easy to install and ties into the EFI systems so that no engine stalls or poor idle conditions occur. Most installers skip the EFI hook up we find, but it is needed for correct operation of the new AC system.

We also did some usual upgrades on this D90, like our ROX footwell trims, new floor mats...

and upgraded door hinges with a full stainless hardware kit to keep everything looking good long term.

Here you can see the 90 is nearly complete. The suspension has been upgraded and new shocks installed and all the mechanical items have been sorted out.

One of the last item to install is a ROX front bumper shown above. It has a steering skid plate and 2 recovery points as well as being a tough bumper. This unit houses a Warn 9000 winch and 3x Hella 4000 lights for added off road and night driving performance.

The front seats were also treated to a new set of seat covers and then the 90 was tested thoroughly and then made ready for delivery back to the customer in CT.

Here you can see the completed 90 ready for the transport truck and a summers worth of fun with its new owner. Its a very nice D90 that has now been fully sorted and upgraded to be exactly what the new owner wanted it to be by the crew at ECR.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help make your Defender everything you want it to be.

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