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1993 NAS Defender 110 #410/500
Service and Upgrades

This 1993 NAS Defender 110 has come to us from Delaware for some work and modifications. It has just been purchased and is in very nice condition and has very low miles for a Rover built in 1992. The low miles are a big plus, but there are still some things that need to be taken care of on any Defender that is going on 20 years old. As with any 110 that arrives at ECR, the first step is to fully evaluate the vehicle from top to bottom. Then we discuss that evaluation with the customer and go over what he/she does and does not want done to the vehicle. In this 110s case we will be doing some of the needed mechanical repairs, removing some goofy things the pervious owner added and also making some nice upgrades to personalize it into exactly what the owner wants.

Here you can see the 110 is now inside the shop and is getting the mechanical items taken care of. The fluids and filters are all serviced and anything that isn't up to snuff it taken care of so that when the truck returns home the owner can enjoy it, not worry about repairs.

A common complaint with hard top Defenders is an annoying click or creek from the rear of the truck. In some cases this is caused by welds that have failed in the structure of the rear door. This 110 had this issue and you can see in the image above we have taken care of all the broken welds (caused by the tire mount on the rear door and made worse when a larger, heavier tire is carried back there) and now we will touch up the areas with epoxy primer and paint to help keep this door as rust free as possible. The new style rear door is a more complete cure for this issue, as it is not constructed like this and will not crack, but this door is in good shape so a quick repair is the best way to go.

Here you can see the repaired rear door is back together and back on the 110. A new tool box set up has replaced the broken unit and everything looks better and the irritating clicks and clacks when you hit bumps with the Rover are now gone.

Along with the repairs we are also adding a number of upgrades to the 110, like an ECR ROX front bumper and skid plate. We'll also set the truck up with a turn signal conversion kit, a Warn 9000 winch and 3x Hella 4000 CELIS lamps to give the front of the truck a much better look.

Out back the upgrades continue. As you can see we have removed the stock rear lights...

and replaced them with a set of ROX LED units that not only look better, but they are brighter and won't suffer from any corrosion issues as they are completely sealed from the elements.

Another nice addition will be a new Genuine Land Rover sunroof. Here you can see we have cut the hole in the roof panel for the installation and next will install the new unit that will give a little more light and some fresh air into the 110's cabin. One complaint the owner had with the 110 was a water leak in the roof. In this 110s case the leak was coming through the upper safari cage mount. At some point in this 110s life the truck has had paint work done and that shop took the cage off, and when they re-installed the cage they forgot to seal or even bolt down the upper bar, so water was just running into the cabin of the 110. We have taken care of these issues, but all that water trashed the headliners.

This images show the headliners have been removed and tossed. Once the sunroof is installed we will set the 110 up with new updated headliners that have the new style interior lamps and we will make it so that the interior lamps work with the rear door as well for aid in loading cargo at night.
It sounds like a small thing, but it makes living with a NAS 110 a lot nicer.

Here you can see those new headliners installed. The new lamps add great functionality and the headliners themselves give a nice fresh look to the entire interior.

This images show the new sunroof in place with all the trims in place.

The engine bay of the 110 is in very good shape and just needed some routine service and some minor EFI work to eliminate a stalling issue, otherwise the mechanical aspects of the 110 are in very good condition.

To be safe we added a set of ROX oil cooler lines so that this nice 110 doesn't have any issues with old dry rotted oil cooler lines causing a complete melt-down.

Here you can see the 110 a little further along. The Warn 9000 winch has been installed and the wiring for the front lamps has begun. The side doors have been pulled so that we can change out the hinges to the later model Defender parts and so that we can update the lower doors seals. We remove the stock lower door seals as they were on the T supports, and not only do your feet rip them as you get in and out, they trap sand and dirt and cause serious rust issues in the T supports. This 110 is quite rust free, so doing this change now will help keep the T supports, or sills, looking good longer

Here you can see the ROX front bumper set up installed with everything in place and working. The recovery points are built-in to the new generation of ROX front bumpers and the limb riser tabs are now standard, just in case you want them down the road.

This shot shows our turn signal conversion in action. All 4 parking lamps still function, but the lower 2 lamps also function as the turn signals. This keeps the stock look, but adds function. The Hella 4000 CELIS lamps look great as well with their angle eyes. If you flip the switch the main bulbs come on and you almost turn night into day with the Hella 4000s.

Underneath the ROX front bumper a Rovertracks HD drag link has been installed to make a tough as nails steering rod.

The ECR ROX tie rod guard has also been installed to completely protect the tie rod thereby making the steering gear on this 110 near bulletproof and ready for anything.

This image shows the new style hinges that we have epoxy primed and painted and installed with all stainless steel hardware. These new style hinges eliminate the rust bleeds from the hinges, common on stock 110s, and they look a lot better in our opinion. The truck now has a tasteful finished look, upgraded, but not altered from stock looking.

Inside the 110 we have added a nice simple Alpine sound system with 4 speakers and iPod capability.

The JL Audio speakers have been added to the front doors and also in the factory location at the rear of the body. This gives nice sound and keeps the speakers away from your knees as you enter and exit the 110. Some shops install huge speakers where the tiny originals were in the dash and these not only stick out too far, they can cause issues with the steel door that changes the distribution of the heat/AC ducting in the NAS 110 dash.

The mostly stock interior has been dressed up a little with some rubber mats and ROX kick panels. The ROX kick panels look like originals, but are made from alloy, not cardboard like the factory part so they will not decay when your wet boots hit them. We also sorted the AC system and replaced a bunch of missing screws in the dash that the previous folks who worked on the truck just plain left out.

Here you can see the 110 coming along nicely. The Stage 1 lift looks great and the overall cool factor of this 110 has been raised about 100 points compared to how it looked and sat when it arrived at ECR.

This images shows the Hella twin lamp work/reverse lamp we have installed. We set it up on our work light mount that allows the lamp to be installed on a factory bolt. That means if you like, you can remove the lamp with no trace left on your costly NAS 110. We've seen so many holes drilled through roofs and other horrible things that we had to make an easy to bolt on mount that offers a place for a really bright lamp like this. The Hella lamp can still be used automatically with the reverse light, or manually as a work light, but doesn't harm the Rover.

Here you can see that the ECR ROX sliders have been fabricated, epoxy primed, painted and installed. These will round out the ROX package that will help protect the body and underside of the 110 from harm. These units are bolted in 3 places along the 110s frame and will not pivot or bend and they look good as well.

Here you can see the completed mild transformation of this NAS 110. It is nearly two decades old, but it still looks great and thanks to a nice round of upgrades it looks and works even better than it did when it arrived. It has also now been fully serviced and sorted, passing our 3 page pre-delivery check list, meaning that it will be ready for the new owner to enjoy, not worry about once it arrives back in Delaware. The truck now can handle some fun off road trail work without worry or head to the beach for loads of fun with 9 folks all listening to what is on your iPod. Its a nearly 20 year old truck that hasn't lost any of its appeal and now it is ready to head back to the owner for new memories to be made.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.

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