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1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft top
ECR 4.6 V8 upgrade and more

This Defender 90 has come to us from CT with a slipped cylinder liner in the stock 3.9 V8 engine. To correct the problem and make an improvement we will be installing an ECR 4.6 liter engine, with a new EFI upgrade chip as well as taking care of some service items that need attention.

The first step of the process is to remove the blown 3.9 engine from the D90 and strip it down. Here you can see the 3.9 just out of the D90's engine bay. Once the engine is apart we will give the customer suggestions on what should be replaced to assure long life for the new ECR 4.6, then cross over the parts to the new 4.6. The ECR 4.6 is a ready to bolt in 4.6, no mods are needed to install our 4.6 or our Pursuit 4.6. The only required change is a new computer chip that plugs into your existing fuel injection computer. The new ECR 4.6 will not only get the D90 back on the road, but it will give it more power, better fuel economy and a usable 5th gear. If you drive a D90, you know that with the 3.9 V8, if you put your foot to the floor while cruising in 5th, nothing happens. The 4.6 offers better performance so that climbing hills and such does not require you to shift down. The power of the 4.6 pulls you through.

Once the 3.9 has been stripped down you can start to see what happened to the engine. In this engine's case it was a combination of things, one of them being sludge build up and old oil. The sludge in the bottom of the 3.9's oil pan was over and inch deep and nearly blocking the oil pick up tube. The good news is that an ECR 4.6 comes complete with a new oil pan, so this mess is history.

Here you can see the cure to the power problems for the Defender 90, a new ECR 4.6. At this stage all the cross over parts from the 3.9 are evaluated and replaced as needed and then cleaned and made ready for install onto the new ECR 4.6. Would you believe that some dealerships still say you can't put a 4.6 into a Defender 90! We've only been doing it since 1997.

Another area of the D90 that we will be working on is the rusted rear bumper and tire carrier items. This is an all too common problem in a NAS Defender 90, but we can solve it. As you can see in the image above the parts for the tire carrier have now been removed and we will blast them back to white metal and coat them with epoxy primer and paint to make them look better, and last longer. We can also do this for your soft top Defender 90 via mail order. Go here for details!

This image shows all the rear tire carrier parts brought back to rust free, white metal, hanging in our spray/bake booth. Before priming the parts are treated with a rust stop procedure, then coated in 3 coats of epoxy primer and 3 coats of PPG stain black. This gives a factory look, but with much better rust prevention than the factory pieces, and if they do rust they can be easily touched up, unlike powder coating, and unlike powder coating these parts will never "peel" again.

In the front of the D90 we have cleaned up the engine bay to make it ready for the new ECR 4.6. 10 years of road grime has been cleaned off and some service items taken care off. The brake fluid has been changed and other small service items completed.

Here you can see the new ECR 4.6 built up and ready to install into the 1994 Defender 90's engine bay. This ECR 4.6 will not only cure the failed 3.9 problem, but the customer will welcome the added power, usability and torque.

One thing that can not get overlooked when a 4.6 conversion is done is the EFI computer. The ECR 4.6 comes with a new computer chip that we install to make your Defender understand it has 4.6 power available under the hood. This chip, shown installed above, still allows you to go off road and have long term durability, unlike most chips. The ECR 4.6 chip is also fully diagnostic, so there is no problem having your Defender serviced by your local dealer, even with an ECR 4.6 lurking under the hood.

This image shows the nearly completed engine bay with the ECR 4.6 installed where the old tired 3.9 used to be. Notice that everything appears stock and is factory correct, that is until you turn the key and push on the gas! Easy to install, no custom work needed and a better overall performing Defender. These are the keys that make an ECR engine install better than any other.

Now that the 4.6 install is complete we turn our attention to the rear of the D90 to prevent rust. The thin factory paint on the rear crossmember of this 90 baked off in the sun a long time ago. To protect the rear crossmember we have taken the crossmember down to bare metal, as seen above. We then treat the steel to prevent rust. Next we apply numerous coats of epoxy primer and multiple coats of PPG black paint. This will make sure the rust stays away, and will make the D90 look better cosmetically as well.

Here you can see the completed rust prevention and paint work done to the D90's rear crossmember. It looks good and functions better. Next we will start to assemble the rear tire carrier pieces and complete the 90 for delivery back to CT.

Above you can see that the entire rear tire carrier has been taken apart and painted piece by piece. This means that no spot is left bare and that primer and paint covers every inch. The next step will be to assemble these pieces onto the rear of the Defender. To make that install even better we will install everything with new stainless steel hardware so that rust will not be a factor.

The images above show the tire carrier and rear crossmember area nearly completed. Stainless steel bolts are used where possible and everything is now coated inside and out for long term rust prevention. This relatively small work order on this D90 makes the entire Rover look better.

No more surface rust, and no more peely rust on the tire carrier parts. Better looking and longer lasting.

Here you can see the completed Defender 90, road tested and ready to head back to CT. The Rover will now make the owner smile as he puts his foot into the new ECR 4.6, and gets better gas mileage as well as more power when he needs it. Why replace your damaged or high miles 3.9 with another 3.9? We have no idea, when an ECR 4.6 install is so far superior in all respects. If you have Defender needs, from a new engine to just some paint work needed on your tire carrier, contact ECR.
We can help make your Defender world class... just like this one.