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ECR4 on 21 Road, CO
Here ECR 4 our Defender Tdi project runs the upper portions of the famous "21 Road" outside Fruita, Colorado.
Our products and installs stand up to all kinds of use and abuse, because we've tested them on everything, everywhere!
88 in the snowRange Rover off road

East Coast Rover Co. offers a host of Off Road equipment for your Land-Rover. We deal with ARB for winch mount bumpers, Air Lockers, and Old Man Emu suspensions. We also offer suspensions and vehicle upgrades from most other manufactures. If you have really want a specific product on your Rover we can obtain and install it for you, no matter where it comes from. We also custom build anything you can imagine, front and rear bumpers, ECR ROX sliders (rocker protection), skid plates, and more. If it is already made we'll get it expertly installed on your Rover. If nobody makes it, or the other guy's parts aren't tough enough... we'll custom build it for you. Other places may offer you inferior products at low prices, but on the trail a broken part is the last thing you want. For example, this photo shows our ECR ROX sliders on a 1993 Defender 110.

These units are custom built ultra tough for the customer who actually uses his/her Defender off road. The factory used body metal for the rockers on the Defender, and plastic on the Range Rover and Discovery. That just won't do off road. Our units are ready for anything... we've tested them on everything! Our sliders even survived "Rocker Knocker" on the Pritchett Canyon trail in Moab. The sliders helped ECR 4 scramble right up the obstacle, after a hard hit on the sliders. The staff of ECR do more off roading in a month, than most people do in the entire time they own their vehicle. So if you have a question about parts or upgrades for your Land-Rover, who is going to have the answer... people who off road in their own Land-Rovers multiple times a week, or the guy sitting behind his parts counter?

We don't list everything that we make for your Rover here, but contact us with your needs and install requests and we'll be glad to help!

Keep in mind these parts are for shop install only and not for mail order.
We do not offer these pieces mail order or for DIY installs. We are not a mail order shop.

Click here for images of a ECR ROX heavy duty steering set up
, that includes a heavy duty drag link and tie rod guard. This same set up is available for your Defender.

Air Lockers

Our ARB Air Locking Differentials, and other ARB product, prices are very competitive, and our installation of these units in Land Rovers is the best. We custom make our own switches and mounting points so the installation looks "factory". Don't let somebody make a mess of your installation, let ECR do it for you. If you have needs for any type of extreme Off Road gear installed on your Rover, we can help. Just call, fax, or email.

Air Locker (All Rover applications)
Give your Rover TRUE 4 wheel drive!

12 volt Compressor kit for Air Lockers, includes switches, wiring harness, etc.

ECR Air Locker Application Guide
 Rover Vehicle Rear Axle Front Axle
NAS Defender 90 ('94-97) RD128 (24 spline) RD128 (24 spline)
NAS Defender 110 ('93) RD20 (Salisbury) RD03 (10 spline)
Range Rover Classic ('87-93) RD03 (10 spline) RD03 (10 spline)
Discovery ('94-on) and
Range Rover Classic ('93-95)
Does not include Discovery SII
RD56 (24 spline) RD56 (24 spline)
Series Rovers (SII-SIII) Standard rear axle use
RD03 (requires RD03A spacer, 10 spline)

HD Salisbury rear axle with 4.70 ratio use RD32 (Salisbury)

HD Salisbury rear axle with 3.54 use RD20 (Salisbury)

ENV axle (Rover special vehicle rear axle only, no locker available)
RD03 (requires RD03A spacer, 10 spline)

-ECR also offers bearing conversions to fit almost any combination of locker to any differential.
-We also do mail order installs of lockers! Send us your differential and we can install the locker correctly and return it to you via UPS, ready for you to bolt in, hook up the air line and go!

Crawler Box (Underdrive)!

The crawler box was designed to give the owners of Rovers with LT230 transfer cases a very low range option for off road use, but keep your highway gears in place... basically, the best of both worlds.
Click here for complete Underdrive Info!


Along with the ECR ROX front bumper and skid plate combination for Defenders we also sell other manufactures bumpers and make custom units to the customers specifications. Here are some examples:

ECR front bumper
We also make custom front bumpers for all models.
This Range Range came in for a custom ECR front bumper from the guys at BW Overland. Built to be tough as nails and hold a Warn X or M series winch the unit was built to the customer's desired specs. The guys at BWO wanted to paint it themselves, so this is the finished product, tough, good approach angle, recovery points and a unique look. If you can imagine it, we can build it for you. Custom bumpers are for in shop install only.

Range Rover with ARB equipmentD90 with ARB Bumper
Winch mount bumpers (Range Rover Classic, Defender)
Discovery with ARB Bumper
Winch mount bumper Discovery, (air bag model)
Disco II
Winch mount bumper Discovery II, (air bag model)

Call for prices / options on all our equipment

Off Roading in Rovers
This photo shows the staff of ECR and friends, out on one of our many testing sessions

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