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We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1960 Series II 88" Station Wagon
The owner of this newly purchased SII 88 wants to do most ofhis restoration himself, but didn't want to take the entire Rover apart,or tackle the rust problems.

The answer... He hired ECR to do the frame change, rebuild the bulkhead(and paint it the Rover's original color), install a new wiring harness,and put the 88 back together so he can complete a quick, rust free, rebuildof the other systems on his own. Here we have removed the body and willremove the parts from the old frame.

With a new Marsland galv. chassis, new suspension, and the other parts switchedover this SII is ready for the next phase. Our frame swap system is uniquein the USA, and will get your Rover done for less.

With the body back in place, the bulkhead is removed for restoration.

Here the SII's bulkhead is being remanufactured, by Allen from our staff,in our unique "bulkhead jig". This tool assures a factory perfectfit of every bulkhead we build. Why let someone weld on your bulkhead whodoesn't know what they are doing? The bulkhead is the back bone of the Roverbody, if it is wrong, the rest of the Rover can suffer with doors that won'tclose, premature rust, bad body lines, etc.

Now that the bulkhead has be restored, sandblasted to white metal, primedand painted (in the SII's original Bronze Green color) and will be installedin the SII.

Body back togther, and the restored bulkhead installed the SII 88 is nearlydone. (The owner plans to do the remaining Bronze Green paint work himselfat a later date)

The SII 88 Station Wagon is now back in order. Pretty good for 38 yearsold! New galv. frame, suspension, wiring harness, bulkhead restoration,etc. It will be shipped out to the owner in NC on our next transport load.

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