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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Series IIA 88 ex-MOD 88
Galv. frame swap, bulkhead repair, parabolics and more

This rather neglected looking ex-military 88 soft top has come to us from Long Island, NY for a new galvanized frame, new parabolic suspension and a host of other small work orders in order to get it up and running and back into shape.
First step as in any frame swap is to remove the body and swap out the old rusted chassis with a new galvanized unit.

In this image you can see that the 88's body has been removed. The running gear from the old chassis has been moved over to the new galvanized frame with new motor mounts, some needed exhaust parts, a new steering relay and more. We also took this time to repair the transfer case, the hand brake and the main gearbox shifter. Doing these jobs without the body on saves the customer time and money, so we make sure to do everything we can while the body is removed.

Here you can see a close up of the parabolic springs we are installing on this 88. These will give the 88 a smoother ride, better handling and better off road ability due to increased articulation. The old leaf springs were completed rusted out, so this is a great time to upgrade your suspension. For information on parabolics go here!

The other steel parts of this 88 are in tough shape as well, not just the frame. Here you can see this 88s bulkhead in our bulkhead jig. The center section needed work and both footwells and door posts had to be completely removed to get at all the rust. The new panels are now installed, and the bulkhead will now be media blasted back to white metal, then epoxy primed and painted in the correct satin gloss Bronze Green.

Going the extra mile to make sure that your 88 is in top shape is what ECR is all about. In this image you can see the 88s bulkhead ready for sandblasting, but take a closer look. The door posts that are offered today do not have the bent retaining lip for the Series Rover door seals. Most places just install the door posts and let the seals fall where they may.

Here at ECR we go the extra mile to make sure the money you spend gets the job done right. We always fabricate this needed and correct lip and install it on all our bulkheads (as seen in the image above on the now painted bulkhead). This means the seal has the correct place to sit and that the bulkhead is correct. Some call it "anal", but there is only one way to do things... the right way.

In this image you can see the 88 is starting to take shape again. Soon it will be back up and running with the benefits of a new frame, restored bulkhead, new suspension and more.

Here you can see the lengths we go to accomplish the work that you want, and do it the right way. The owner of this 88 didn't want a full restoration, or a paint job on his 88, but we had to fully strip the bulkhead of paint to repair all the rust and that meant we had to paint it as well. So we used a PPG product known as "flattening agent" to carefully try and match the rest of the 88 in the correct Bronze Green. This means that although the bulkhead now has been fully epoxy primed and painted, it doesn't look out of place with the rest of the body, as it would if it had a new car showroom shine.

Here at ECR we can do as much or as little work as you want. Yes, we are specialist in full restorations that cover every nut and bolt, but we can also refurbish your Rover to be exactly what you want. The owner of this 88 has a license plate frame that really says it all. (see above). As much or as little as you desire... ECR can help.

This image shows the ex-M.O.D. 88 almost complete. We'll do a few more small work orders like getting the turn signals working, installing the correct military oil cooler and then do some road tests to make sure everything is as the owner wants it.

Now road tested and complete, the 88 will be shipped back to the Hamptons for many more summers of fun with its new galv. frame, restored bulkhead, updated suspension and more.
Let ECR know if we can help get your Land Rover back in shape!

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