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1994 Range Rover LWB
Pursuit 4.6 install, EAS (air suspension) conversion, and more

This LWB Range Rover has come to us from Texas for a new Pursuit 4.6 engine and other repair work. The Rover arrived with a blown 4.2 V8, and it will be getting our 275 hp 4.6 installed rather than just replacing the stock 4.2. The Rover will also be getting a number of upgrades from running boards to driving lights, as well as a conversion for electronic air suspension (EAS) to standard coil springs and upgraded EFI computer.

First steps are to do the simple upgrades and remove the damaged 4.2 from the engine bay. Here you can see the newly installed running broads that the owner requested. You can also see the failed EAS system (notice the Rover is almost on the ground). We removed the EAS system in favor of reliable and trouble free coil springs.
Go here for more information on EAS (Air Suspension conversions for Range Rover Classics 1993-1995

Ever wonder what happens when you don't change your oil when you are supposed to? Here is your answer: The inside of the 4.2 we removed from this Range Rover was literally caked with sludge and goo from top to bottom. This is caused by lack of oil changes and neglect of the PCV system. Lack of oil changes every 3500 miles or so is the number 1 killer of Rover V8s. Just look at that sludge, it wrecked this engine from the inside out. The parts you are looking at should be clean and metallic colored. A new Pursuit 4.6 will cure the problem, and with regular service will last a long long time.

In this image you can see the new Pursuit 4.6 installed into the Range Rover's engine bay. There are still some items to finish up, but you can see from the photo that the 4.6 engine family bolts directly where the 4.2 used to be with no modifications.

This Range Rover also got a host of upgrades including a new lighting system. the headlights were converted to the upgraded Hella H4s, it got amber fog lamps in the stock air dam, and PIAA 80 driving lights. No more worries about seeing in all conditions for this Range Rover.

Here is the competed Pursuit 4.6 in the Range Rover, simple to work on, tons of power , no odd-ball parts, and it can be serviced by your local Rover mechanic. A great combination, don't let people who don't have the answers convince you that these conversions can't be done, or that they will cause problems with your drivetrain, they won't. In fact, almost all of our Pursuit V8 customers tell us that with the added power and roughly the same mileage that "They can't understand why Land Rover didn't deliver the vehicle that way when it was new."

Now complete this Range Rover is ready to head south to its owner in Texas.
Let us know if we can help you with any of your Rover V8 or Range Rover needs... we'll be glad to help.

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