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1993 NAS Defender 110

This NAS (North America Specification) Defender 110 Station Wagon has come to us from Texas for some repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately the 3.9 engine had a massive failure and needed to be replaced. Instead of replacing the stock 3.9 with another stock 3.9, or worse yet a rebuilt 3.9, the customer sent the Rover to ECR for a Pursuit 4.6 with roughly 275 hp and 300 ft. lbs of torque! Believe it or not the customer can get all that performance from a new ECR 4.6 for less money than the dealer wanted for a 3.9! The 110 will also be getting a number of other upgrades and repairs with everything from a disc brake Salisbury rear axle and vented front disc brake conversion, to an EFI computer upgrade and NRP stainless exhaust system.

Here you can see the damaged 3.9 on the way out. With only 62,000 miles the engine had a heat related failure. The new Pursuit 4.6 is built to be better than the stock 3.9 and to last much longer as well.

In this image you can see that we have installed the Salisbury rear disc brake axle. This will give the 110 the stopping power it needs and make brake adjustments, and mud collecting in your brake drums, a thing of the past.

This image shows the front brake work we are doing. We are converting the front brakes of this 110 to ride on larger vented disc rotors for better stopping power and less brake fade under high heat conditions. You can see the new rotors in place at this stage. This upgrade combined with the rear disc brake axle means that this 110 will not only be fast with the Pursuit 4.6, but will also stop quickly as well.

Also installed in this 110 was hi end stereo system with CD changer, sub woofer, hi output amplifier and multiple speakers. ECR uses only top quality stereo systems from names like Eclipse, Rockford-Fosgate and Kenwood. In this image you can see the drivers door speaker install; Clean, simple and great sound, all the key ingredients to a great stereo system.

Making your Defender look and run great doesn't stop on the outside or even underneath with ECR. We use the correct parts for every detail of your Rover. In this image you can see the switch for the Hella 4000 lights, this is the correct switch, is very ergonomic and works well. Don't let another shop mess up your Rover but cutting in cheap switches in your Rover, demand the best: ECR.

In this image you can see the NRP full stainless cat back exhaust system we installed in this 110. This system breathes better, is long lasting and has a great exhaust note as well.

Here is the finished product. A re-powered Defender 110 with a host of repairs and upgrades done: Pursuit 4.6 at 275 hp, EFI computer chip, stainless exhaust, Hi-end stereo system, Hi-Lift bumper mount, Hella 4000 lights, Salisbury rear disc brake axle, vented front brake rotors and upgraded calipers, winch repair, AC repair, and much much more. It is now ready for shipment back to the owner in Texas. The owner will be amazed at the power difference.

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