Tea Pond Land-Rover Rally '98

The Tea Pond Rally takes place in north western Maine near Eustis. The 3day event covers a lot of ground and has a "base camp" that isnear perfect. This image shows one of the access roads to the trials. Theviews are beautiful, the food great, and the trails challenging.

The view of Tea Pond's private lake from the Tea Pond base camp, a groupof log cabins, is fabulous. A great place for a Rover gathering. Check outthese images from the weekend. Want to come next year??

Marty and Ito's Disco's on a rocky section of trail.

George and Johanna's Range Rover suffered one of the 2 flats of the weekend.

The trails at Tea Pond have everything, from mild to wild. Here Ian Cooke(of ECR) shows off his coil 88's rock crawling ability.

Mike Smith (of ECR) and Chris Komar (of DAP) stand by for the trail aheadto clear.

Eric Riston's (of Atlantic Britsh) Range Rover on the Little Tea Pond Trail.

Any open obstacle on the trails is looked at as a challenge. Here Frank,Ian, Chris, Ed and Mike tackle the gravel pit pile.

Trailside for lunch... Frank (of Rovers North), Ian and Sara, and Ed Bear(the host of the Rally) and his SIII V8 coil Lightweight.

After a great meal by the chef and staff of Tea Pond Camps, 4 wheeling andRover stories are spread around the camp fire. Here George, John Cranfield,Ben McPherson, Eric, and Ian Helm tell tall tales.

Group photos during the breaks between the trails on the logging roads ofMaine.

Here ECR 1 navigates around a gate and through a nice rock obstacle.

ECR 1 also suffered a cut sidewall after a trip up rocky section of theLittle Tea Pond Trail. The ECR Hi-Lift freindly bumpers really help in thesesituations.

Debbie Smith (of ECR) twists ECR 1 up though a nice section of the LittleTea Pond trail.

Wondering if The Tea Pond Land-Rover Rally was a good time? Check out thesmile on John Cassidy's son's face!

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