1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top

This nicely set up D90 came to us from CT for some upgrades and a paint job.The Coniston Green paint had been touched up very poorly by the dealer and it was in need of a full paint job. It also needed some issues sorted out and some further upgrades.

First step in any quality paint job... tear the D90 apart so it can be properly painted. In this image you can see we have removed everything we can so that everything gets painted. Did you know that Land Rover doesn't paint underneath the body cappings or behind the door hinges! No wonder Defenders has some corrosion issues. the good thing is that we have been working on Defenders for so long that we know how to cure all the typical Defender issues.

Since we can't take pictures inside our 1,000,000 plus BTU spray/ bake booth the next image is this one of the painted D90 getting its bits put back on. Each part is cleaned and checked for damaged before it is reinstalled. If it has damage, it is replaced. This D90 is also getting a host of upgrades, from a remote mounted winch control to a switch from Safari Gard Stage II suspension to Safari Gard Stage III. This D90 already had a 3 link in it, so it will be a great trail and road performer with the addition of the Stage III set up.

In this image you can see the Stage III suspension installed and the rest of the body going together nicely.

Now with the paint work complete a few more options are added. Here you can see the SG tire carrier and jerry can rack. It mounts to the factory locations and gives you extra space for larger tires, space for 2 jerry cans and can even retain your third brake light (as seen here). Also notice the SG fuel tank skid plate and rear recovery point that we installed. We also installed front fender top guards and much much more.

One of the other options installed to make this D90 one of the best on the trail was an Underdrive or Crawler box. The crawler box reduces your final drive to roughly 114:1 (down from about 40:1 with the stock set up) but allows you to shift back into high range and keep all your highway speed. So this D90 will now cruise at any speed on the highway with the rpms low as the stock D90 would, but with one shift of this small lever the owner will have an astounding crawl ratio at his fingertips. For more information on the Underdrive click here!

Does your Rover's paint work look like this? If not it is time to call ECR! This image speaks for itself. ECR uses only quality PPG paints for all our paint work.

In this image you can see the completed Defender 90 project ready for transport back to the owner in CT. This D90 is now world class with its beautiful new paint, Underdrive system, Safari Gard Stage III and 3 link system, and numerous other options. Let us know if we can make your Rover ones of the world's best... Just like this one.

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