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Please note: This project was done for one of our collector customers who just had to have it. We do not suggest, nor do we normally install Tdi engines into Series Rovers. Please enjoy the build up page, but realize this is not a conversion we offer. The page is left here only for your viewing pleasure and to show a past custom project completed by ECR.

1973 Series III 88 Hard Top
300 Tdi / 5 speed conversion

This Series III 88 was restored a few years back by ECR and we installed Chevy 4.0 6 cylinder. This 88 has changed hands since the original restoration and the new owner is not happy with the Chevy 6. Truthfully, neither were we, and we have since dropped all alternative (non Rover) engines from the ECR line up (live and learn, right?) Now being installed where the Chevy engine and Series III gearbox were is a new 300 Tdi and R380 5 speed set up. A much better combination, actually a world class combination.
In this image you can see the nose has been removed and the Chevy engine is being taken out.

Here the Series III has all the drive train removed and the engine bay has been cleaned to get ready for the Tdi install. As this 88 is already a coil converted SIII and has 3.54 gearing, the conversion will make this pristine Series III even better.

With the Chevy removed the R380 5 speed and the 300 Tdi have been mated together and the frame is being modified to accept the Tdi and its new gearbox. The Series III 88 will also be getting power steering, and in this image you can see the new front cross member and the steering box in place.

Who says it can't be done! In this image you can see the new 300 Tdi in place with the R380 5 speed gearbox and the LT230 transfer case all sitting behind the stock look Series III front end. Still to come is the power steering set up, the details and hooking up the engine and drive train.

Here it is from another view. All stock appearing Series III 88 nose, but with 300 Tdi power hiding behind the sheet metal. Combined with the previous restoration and coil conversion done to this Series III 88, this will be one heck of a machine.

In this image you can see the custom made Allard Turbosport phase 2 intercooler installed in the Series III, just ahead of the Tdi radiator. All these items for the 300 Tdi installed in a Series III engine bay make for a very tight fit. Also notice the custom made expansion tank and custom intercooler hoses.

Now complete, this ECR restored 88's engine bay looks like it came from the factory with a 300 Tdi, Phase 2 intercooler, 5 speed, Power Steering, Power Brakes, etc., but in reality this is a very tight custom fit. Take a look at these images and you'll appreciate all the hours of custom work needed to fit this engine into this vehicle. Well worth the effort, but not a bolt in by any means.

This image shows the completed interior. Notice the one gear lever for the 5 speed conversion, as well as the stock looking "yellow" and "red" knobs. These control the Hi-Lo 4WD and the "Diff Lock", while still looking in tune with the rest of the 1970's vintage Series III. This attention to detail is what makes an ECR restored Land Rover outshine all the others,

This Series III was restored by ECR a few years ago. It still looks like it just came off the assembly line. These images show the interior as it is today,, even after being on the road for a number of years. ECR restorations are not only top quality, but long lasting.

Here you can see the front bodywork of the completed 88. It all appears stock, vintage Series III, on the outside, but the 300 Tdi, 5 speed, coil chassis and Phase 2 intercooler all hide under the skin.

Now that ECR has fully restored, and converted this 88" to 300 Tdi, 5 speed with a full time 4x4 transfer case, it drives better than any Series III ever produced from Rover, and with its galvanized frame, full paint job and nut and bolt restoration it will last longer than any Series III ever produced from Rover. A world class combination, available only from ECR. Let us know if we can make your Land Rover dreams come true,

For images and details of this Series III's initial restoration go here!

Series Land-Rovers and Tdi's, some F.A.Q's.

The ECR installation of the 300 Tdi into a Series Land Rover (Series II, IIA, III) requires the following:

1. Coil sprung chassis.
We do not install the 300 Tdi 5 speed into a leaf sprung chassis for many reasons. Some (but not all) being:
-Axle strength. The Series axles won't stand up to Tdi torque. The Defender axles in the coil chassis will.
-Steering. The Tdi requires PS. This is much easier on a coil chassis than a leaf chassis, although it can be fitted as a separate system on a leaf sprung Rover.
-Brakes. The coil chassis have 4 wheel disc brakes, while the Series Rovers have 10" drum brakes (88"). We don't feel these vintage drum brakes are up the the power and speed that the Tdi can put out, so we require the 4 wheel discs.
-Clearance above the front diff. The added clearance of the coil chassis is needed to clear the Tdi's engine placement.

2. Power Steering. The location of the turbo on the 300 Tdi makes it impossible to fit a stock Series steering box. PS must be fitted.

3. Body work. A Rover with Series III or "late" Series IIA front bodywork can have a Tdi fitted. The early Series IIA bodywork (pre-1968) can not. The headlights in the grill take up space needed for the radiator and intercooler. See the engine bay images above to see how tight things really are.
However, if you were to fit Defender style front bodywork to your Series Rover (Series II,IIA,III), the conversion would be much easier and could be done at reduced cost. The other required items still apply, but the Defender front body work reduces the custom work by about half.

4. Gearbox. The 5 speed gearbox must be fitted for the Tdi. The torque of the Tdi would break the stock Series gearbox.

If you have Defender 300 Tdi needs feel free to call ECR. We'll be gald to help.

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