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Safety Devices is back in North America!
We are pleased to be working with the team at Safety Devices International Ltd. in order to offer their line of Land Rover products for our in shop customers.
ECR is the USA's only Safety Devices 4x4 authorized installation center.
If you want full product and technical support, repair parts down the road, along with technicians who have actually installed these cages, ECR is your Safety Devices installation center.

Safety Devices has been involved with Land Rover for decades. They are the folks who helped outfit the rugged Camel Trophy vehicles,

and they developed the cages for the NAS (North American Specification) Defenders. You will not find a company in the world more in tune with the needs of the Land Rover marque than Safety Devices. Their designs have been often copied, but never duplicated. They expertly manufacture safari cages and additions for a number of Land Rover models based on their extensive motor-sport and 4x4 history.
For a little more information on Safety Devices go here:

We are now offering Safety Devices extensive line of Land Rover Defender products that range from roof racks to roll cages and other protection equipment.
Check out some details on the Safety Devices product line below.
We will also be developing new products with Safety Devices to fulfill the needs of the North American marketplace.
Please be aware we sell and install Safety Devices products, but we do not offer them mail order for DIY install.
All Safety Devices products we sell are for ECR in shop installation only.
If you are looking for mail order parts please contact Safety Devices in the UK directly.
If you have questions or need more information feel free to contact us here at ECR.

Safety Devices Safari Cages

1997 NAS Defender 90 with Safety Devices RBL2317SSS safari cage shown above

1995-1997 NAS and Japanese Spec. Safety Devices
Full external cage systems, sold exclusively by ECR!
Go here for images and details on the Safety Devices NAS Defender 90 Wagon Full External cage and see the installation and some interior images.
This cage has been developed with Safety Devices and ECR to be correct and perfect for the NAS Defender 90 Wagons.
This cage set up is sold exclusively by ECR. You can not buy it anywhere else.
The Euro 90 cages are available through other sources, but not the correct NAS style cage.
Contact ECR if you'd like one for your NAS or Japanese Spec. Defender 90 Wagons. We'll be happy to install it for you, or sell it to you as a DIY cage.

We sell and install the entire range of Safety Devices Land Rover cages. Here you can see a recent installation of a RBL1155SSS into a customers 200 Tdi Defender 90.
Small project or large project, we have you covered.

One of the reasons that Safety Devices got involved in the production of parts for the NAS Defenders is that the classic Defender did not meet USA safety requirements. Safety Devices set about correcting this problem and succeeded handily with the 1993-1997 NAS Defender 110 and Defender 90s.
Over the years however, and especially with the more recent 25 year policy that allows older Defenders into the USA, a lot of Euro-style Defenders have been brought into the USA. These Defenders do not have any safari cages and in the event of a roll over they can be rolling death traps.
Here is a selection of images, one from one of our UK suppliers, that show the end results of a roll over in a Defender without Safety Devices protection.

We don't know about you, but we would not have wanted to be in any of those 3 vehicles.
One word comes to mind with these images: DEAD

To compare, lets look at a rolled over 1993 NAS Defender 110. This vehicle was fitted with the Safety Device external safari cage.
This 110 was hit in the side by an 18 wheeler at highway speeds and then it rolled and slid down the highway. As you can see in the images the cage is bent and is even ground flat in a few sections from sliding down the interstate, but the passenger area is still in shape and the owner of the truck walked away from the incident. We rebuilt this truck for the owner, he was thrilled with how the truck stood up to the accident and was able to still run and drive afterwards. During the rebuild we installed a new Safety Device safari cage as the owner of the 110 credited it with saving his life.
Check out the images of this 1993 NAS 110 from all sides:


RH side


LH side
The word that comes to mind is: ALIVE
Now take a look at the Defenders near the top of this page and decide for yourself, if and when the worst happens, do you want to be in a stock Euro-style Defender 110 with some thin piece of alloy between you and the road, or do you want to be surrounded in a Safety Devices tubular steel safari cage?

NAS style 110 Wagon cage image shown. Cages are available for Defender 90s and 110s in lots of different configurations.
The Safety Devices safari cage system is a bolt together system that adds a tubular steel framework around and inside the vehicle to offer far more support than the original body panels. Here is another example of how the systems works in real world testing:

In the 1998 Camel Trophy this support vehicle, a Defender 110 fitted with a Safety Devices safari cage rolled over.

The vehicle was then put back onto its wheels and continued on the challenge with the other vehicles, thanks to its Safety Devices external/internal safari cage.

Click on the links below for a pdf file of the available products.

Please be aware that Safety Devices external style cages do not fit the early Defender roofs with the 7/8" raised rib roofs.
We will need to change your top to a smooth roof in order to install a Safety Devices external cage

Defender cage products
Defender roof racks and other products

Please remember that we only sell/install Safety Devices producst that relate to Land Rover Defenders.
We do not sell/install Safety Devices products for other makes or models.
We try to stock the commonly used external cages for NAS Defenders. If you are looking for internal cages or other products they will need to be special ordered prior to your installation.

Download a Safety Devices brochure here

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