1960 SII 109" Half cab (pick up)

Not all of our client's Rovers end up as restored "show" trucks.This 1960 109" deisel pick up had a long hard working life, and nowthat is has been fully refurbished by ECR it will be readyfor another 38 years of service, and then some! This 109 has been upgradedto a new galv. coil chassis, Salisbury rear axle, Defender 110 HD suspension,all new wiring, etc. We even remanufactured the original Fisher snow plow!The above image is of the assembled coil rolling chassis with the driveline installed.

Install the existing body back onto the new galv. coil chassis system and...
SII 109 pick up, coil
Now finished this Series II pick up now has all the good points of a Defender110! The Rover will have a second chance at life, and be able to work evenharder due its modern upgrades (disc brakes, HD axles, heavier load capacity,etc.) This type of conversion only takes a matter of days. Let us know ifECR can breath new life into your Rover, or build onefor you.

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