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NAS Series III 88 Hard Top
Galvanized frame swap and misc. repairs

This Series III has come to us from Nantucket, MA for a new galvanized frame and some other work orders to get it back in shape. We'll be doing normal repairs as well as a new wiring harness and more.

In this image you can see that we have lifted the body in our frame swap system. This system allows you to get a new galvanized frame under your Rover for much less, as we don't need to tear down the entire Rover just to put the new frame in. Once the chassis has been removed all the items are checked and things are replaced as need. This 88 will need new front springs, a new exhaust system and a new steering relay before the new chassis goes in.

Here you can see the new galvanized chassis set up and ready for the body to be installed. Once together this 88 will also be getting a new wiring harness and some other repairs to make it a very nice daily driver that has the added benefit of a rust free galvanized frame.

In this image you can see the completed project. This SIII 88 now has a new galvanized frame, new wiring from front to back and some other small repairs (exhaust, etc.) to make it a great daily driver. With our frame swap system it makes it easier and cheaper for you to get your Rover back on the road with a new galv chassis. This 88 will now be picked up by its owner and taken back to Nantucket for many summers of fun!
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