Series III 88 Hard top

This 88 is up from NJ for a load of work. It needs everything from a newgalv. frame to a new gearbox. Here you can see the 88 in our frame swapsystem. The old frame has been removed and the new one is now set up behindit ready for install. While to body was off we needed to install a new gearboxas well as do a full rebuild on the bulkhead, new brake lines and more.

In this image the newly rebuilt bulkhead has been painted and installed.The 88 is now back on its new galv. frame and is ready for paint. The 88had a bit of body damage and rust so a lot of the panels will be replacedwith new. In the foreground you can see the restored radiator support, blastedback to white metal now waiting for primer and paint.

Included with this project are the 15" wheels from the SIII, shownhere with their fresh Limestone paint. They were sandblasted back to whitemetal, primed and painted.

New body panels included the doors, door tops, fenders and more. Here youcan see the doors and tops stripped to bare ready for etching primer andanti-corrsion treatment... then they will be painted Marine Blue to matchthe already painted read door and fender.

In this image the body work has been done, and all the parts painted. Thenew front bodywork has been installed and now it is time to hook everythingback up and install the parts. These new parts included ligts, door seals,door panels, and more.

Here is the completed project. Now a great 88 with a new galvanized frame,fully rebuilt bulkhead, new gearbox, paint, seals, trim and more... thisRover is ready for years of service. Let us know if we can refurbish your88 to look this good.

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