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1993 NAS Defender 110 #161/500 Service and Upgrades

This 1993 NAS Defender 110 is one that we did quite a bit of work to before. To see that round of work on this NAS 110 go here. The 110 was out west and has since changed hands. The new owner has the 110 on Nantucket and has sent it back to ECR for some changes and upgrades to give it his own unique touches. The truck is in great shape, so there isn't much that needs doing other than upgrades and some routine servicing.

First up is to service the 110 from front to back and make sure everything is in top shape. There is no Land Rover service on the island so the 110s that we send there have to be in top shape to make sure they do not suffer any breakdowns while on the island. Nothing can ruin a summer vacation faster than a broken down vehicle, so we take special care in making sure the Defenders we work on are up to the task.

One change the new owner wanted was to get rid of the horrible under bumper winch mount set up. So to make that happen we have removed the old unit and...

installed a new ROX front bumper and skid plate set up. The existing M8000 winch from the old set up is still in good shape so we have cleaned that up and installed it in our new bumper. We have also set the 110 up with a turn signal conversion kit and once we get the winch wiring safely wrapped up we will install the new driving lights on the bumper.

Another upgrade going on the 110 will be a ROX roof rack. The factory basket is a really bad design and doesn't allow for what our customers want from a roof rack. In this image you can see we have removed the old roof basket and we have started to fabricate our ROX roof rack basket. Our set up will allow for all kinds of gear to be carried and will also allow for any Yakima rack product to be installed on the 110. That way you can carry bikes, boards, kayaks, a ski box... whatever you desire.

Here you can see the front end of the 110 coming together. The bumper, skid plate and the 3 Hella 4000 lights have been installed and are looking good. Next up we will go inside the 110 and start making additions there, like Sirius satellite radio and get started on the wiring for the upcoming LED auxiliary lights.

Here you can see that our ROX 110 roof basket has come back from powder coating and has been installed on the Rover. The lower profile, more modern design rack looks much better than the original unit and it is much more functional as well.

The ROX units is fabricated here at ECR and we can incorporate anything the customer desires. In the case of this 110 the owner wanted some LED lamps for the rear and a back up camera (green arrow). The image for the rear view camera is shown in a screen in the rear view mirror, adding safety and convenience. In some off the shelf rack none of these items will fit, but with our custom unit everything is designed to work together and it all looks like it was meant to be there.

The ROX rack also has a sturdy floor so that you can get on the rack without standing on the truck's fragile roof itself, and with numerous tie down points you can secure all your gear with ease. The open front of the rack means you can install a roof top tent if you like, or carry long objects without having to deal with the bent tubes of the factory basket. Our rack is also has numerous bolt locations that can hold Hi-Lift jacks or just about anything else you want to add to your rack down the road.

On this rack we have also added on a set of our Yakima adapters and Yakima cross bars. This means the set up now has almost unlimited configuration possibilities. Anything Yakima makes for their system will go on the 110 now. A ski box, kayak rack, skit racks... anything. The cross bars can also be quickly and easily removed with simple hand tools if you need them out of the way in order to carry large items on the floor of the rack. We have spent a lot of time with Defenders and we know what does and does not work in a rack system and with a ROX roof rack you get all our experience and you don't have to learn the hard way what should have been part of your rack. The ROX rack is often copied, but never duplicated.

Here you can see the 110 on one of its test runs. A set of new wider tires, better for beach use on the island, have been installed and things are starting to come together. Road testing is one of the most important things we do. Everything has to be checked to make sure it is correct. There are many cases that we hear of Defender owners paying for work to be done and then having to have it done again because the work done didn't fix the problem. That does not happen at ECR. Each Defender is fully tested and undergoes a 3 page pre-delivery inspection before it is classed as "ready to go". If anything fails, adjustments are made or the customer is alerted to the problem. We hear people say that Rovers are unreliable, but we find that to be incorrect. Only Rovers that are not serviced correctly are unreliable. Our customers rarely have issues because their Rovers are serviced correctly and made truly "ready to go" before they leave ECR.

This image shows the new LED lamps for the front of the 110. These units are basically like instant daylight. They are sealed and because they are LED units they draw very little power and will last much longer than any bulb lamp. The low profile also gives them a great look on the top of the 110 and their all alloy construction will keep them good for the long haul.

Great looking custom lights aren't worth doing if you have to carve up the interior of your Defender with goofy and cheap looking switches to control them. When we do additional upgrades to a Defender we want it all to look like it belongs, not like hillbilly 4x4 just installed something from Wal-Mart. The image above shows the switch gear for the LED roof mounted lights in the 110. The switch (in the middle) fits the factory location and has the correct logo on it and illuminates so that it is easy to find in the dark.

The switch gear for the rear work/reverse lamps is done the same way. A 3 position switch is utilized so that the rear LED lamps can be off, or made to come on and off as you select reverse gear, or on manually in case you need to load some gear at night, giving greater flexibility to the lamps and making them more useful.

Here you can see the completed project ready to head back to its owner. The upgrades all work together and nothing done to the truck can't be "undone" if the owner wants to put the truck back to "stock" someday. In everything we do we always add to the truck without harming it. We do not drill holes in the roof or other hack-style work. The truck looks great now, but if it ever needed to go back to stock it could, and without major work. The additions will help make the 110 function exactly as the owner wants it to and because they are the right options and upgrades, all blended nicely onto the truck, the truck looks much better than it did when it arrived.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to modifications that won't mess up your prized Defender, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender set up exactly the way you want it to be.

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