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1992 Range Rover Classic
ECR 4.6 engine install

This Range Rover Classic has come to us from Tennessee with a 3.9 V8 that has some major problems. The cure we have in store for this Rover will not only fix the engine problems, but will give it more power and better fuel economy. That cure is to install a new ECR 4.6.

Here you can see the new fully balanced ECR 4.6 installed in the engine bay of the Classic. As you can see no modifications are required to install our 4.6 and they run with the stock gearbox and radiator without issue. The ECR 4.6 is pre-modified to be able to bolt into your Rover. We have been doing 4.6 conversions since the 4.6 come out in the mid 1990's and there is no down side. We have done so many 4.6 installs that we did not fully document this one, but if you want to see the process of a 4.6 install you can see it on many other pages of this web site.

The only modification we need to make is to install a new computer chip into the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) computer. This lets the computer know that it has a 4.6 under the hood and improves performance, efficiency and still retains all the correct diagnostic codes and serviceability. Most chips from UK suppliers eliminate your warning light diagnostic codes. This means you can drive for years without knowing your engine is not running correctly, or at top efficiency, and with gas prices on the rise, efficiency is the key. The ECR chips retain all your stock functionality and also increase performance. In the image above you can see that we have removed the EFI ECU from the Rover and have installed the new computer chip (stock chip shown to the right). Once everything is assembled we will put on some test miles to make sure everything is correct and then get the Range Rover ready to ship back to Tennessee.

Here you can see the Range Rover Classic completed and ready to head back to Memphis, TN were the owner will enjoy the power from his new ECR 4.6. Everything works and appears as stock on this Rover, but in driving it you can feel a major difference. The motor now runs smooth and with lots of grunt. If you have engine needs for your Rover, feel free to contact ECR, we can install a 4.6 in any Rover V8 powered Rover, from Discovery to Range Rover.

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