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The famous #12 Land-Rover is one that a lot of us remember from days gone past.
Below are some images of our Vintage #12 Land-Rovers and other Matchbox Land-Rovers.

This image shows the first Matchbox #12 Land-Rover from the 1950s. A model of a Series I.

This is the second version of the #12 Land-Rover, now a later model, like a Series II or IIA 88"

The third version of the #12 was a Series II or IIA 109 Station Wagon, complete with gear on the roof.
It came in Dark green and blue. This image also shows the changes that happened over the years to the Matchbox boxes.

The last of the #12 Land-Rovers was basically the same as the version above, but is was now in gold and had the "Superfast" wheels.

Matchbox also made this 109 Forward Control Fire Engine as #57.

It also came later with "Superfast" wheels.

In the mid-1990s Matchbox made a reproduction of the original #12 Series I. It is the model in the background behind the original.

Other Matchbox Range Rovers came along in the 1980s.

This Range Rover in Paris-Dakar Rally garb is one of our favorites. As it rolled along the light on the roof had a rotating elements to make it look like a working strobe light.
The same basic model came in a number of forms:

The "County Sheriff" version.

The "Police Patrol" version, and a few others that we don't have... yet!

Matchbox also made some great Defender 90s.

This "Red Valley" version came with an inflatable boat on a trailer.

The "Mountain Trails" version came with 3 dirt bikes on a trailer.

The "Park Ranger" version. This model is shown in a number of ways. Loose, in the USA style "Blister Pack", and in the boxed version. Same model, different packaging for different countries.

This nice "County" version in the outside USA box.

This oddly painted version in a different type of package yet,

and this Comando "Dagger Force" version in cammo.

Matchbox has even jumped in with Freelander models, like as these two versions.

Matchbox also makes the Land Rover Defender 90 SVX in various colors.

A recent addition is a Defender 110, complete with raised air intake and expedition gear.

Don't forget the Croc Hunter.

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