1969 Series IIA 88" Half Cab
A coil chassis conversion, and a host of other upgrades are instore for this 88 from ECR. This 88 was in nice shape, but had a bad frameand had not been run in years.

First step, bring the donor 88 into the shop and strip it of the old, wornand rusty parts. In this case that meant we needed to restore the bulkhead,a new radiator support, remove the chassis (in favor of the galv. coil chassis)and more.

This 88 is being converted not only to coil, but to half cab, or pick upcab. Here the top has benn removed and the vehicle is being readied forthe coil swap.

Here you can see that we have installed new rear body panels, due to corrosion,and the 88 is now sitting on its new galv. coil chassis. The new pick uproof has been restored and installed as well.

Here you can see a few more of the options and work being done. The rotteddoor tops were switched for new Defender 90 style units. The rusted bulkheadhas been restored in our "bulkhead jig", painted and installed,as has the new radiator supprt. The new Turner 2.25 engine is now in placeand the 88 is waiting for its Mansfield heater to arrive and be installed.

This 88 is also getting a few modifications from stock. The axles will houseARB air lockers front and rear, it will get Bear Bars, etc. We will alsobe installing Defender wheel flares and Cooper STT tires on the new 16"rims.

This image shows the new interior. New seats, Defender 90 door panels anddoor tops, cubby box with stereo, inertia seat belts, etc. A nice comfortableplace to be, eventhough this Rover is almost 30 years old.

Here you can see the ECR custom built roll bar. This has custom seat beltmounting points so you can still have inertia shoulder belts even with thetop off. It also fits with any Rover top, soft top, pick up, full hard top.It is frame mounted and very tough. Check out our swing away tailgate. Nomore crawling in over the tailgate to get your gear.

Now complete, this nicely modified Late Series IIA will be ready for anythingwith its galv. coil chassis, new bulkhead, ARB lockers, Mansfield heater,etc. It and its new owner will have loads of fun.

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