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1984 Defender 110 Station Wagon

This 1984 110 was recently purchased from Land Rover Peabody by one of our customers. The new owner's plan are to take this 110 on expedition, so he brought it to ECR for a full check over and some expedition style upgrades. First on the list was to update the look of the 110 and check out its mechanical systems. In this image the stock front bumper has been removed and the 110 has been fully evaluated.
We found that the gearbox was bad, and that it needed some general repairs, but nothing major.
To update the look of this '84 110 we removed the County stripes and the color coded flares. This made the 110 look much better.

In this image you can see the addition of an ARB winch mount front bumper and Warn 9000 winch. This will help the 110 get out of any tough situations on its upcoming trip to Mexico.

The LT77 gearbox was replaced with a new unit for long term durability and the interior was cleaned up. A number of misc. wires from old poorly installed equipment had to be removed and then the floors were re-installed around the new 5 speed.

We also installed a 3/4 length roof rack and rear ladder to store the gear needed for the trip to Mexico. To handle the extra load we installed Old Man Emu springs and LTR remote reservoir shocks.
Once the 110 was fully tested it was delivered t the owner's home for loading so he could set out on the trip to Mexico.
Let ECR know if we can build or prepare your Defender or other Rover for an expedition.
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To see some images of this 110 on its trip to Southern Mexico. Click here.

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