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One of our all time favorite ECR restorations came back again for another round of upgrades. Those who visit the ECR web pages frequently will recall that we recently installed a Safari Gard Stage II suspension in the Lightweight with a custom 3 link.

This time around it is here for some beefier axles and better tires. So we installed a set of Super Swamper SSR 35x12.5 radials and relocated the brake lines to be out of the way of all the articulation this Lightweight has. We also installed a heavy duty front axle, with conversion to 24 spline ARB Air Locker and HD Ashcroft axles, along with HD CV joints and stronger drive flanges.

In the rear we installed Safari Gards 30 spline set up with the new ARB Air Locker so that this Rover now has the toughest axle set up available for your Rover.

To air up those 35 Swampers after a long day on the trail we installed a Quick Air 3 12 volt compressor , shown here mounted in the cargo area of the Lightweight, that will take the use and abuse, and fill the 35" tire from about 10 pounds to 30 psi in less than 2 minutes.

With these new upgrades and the previous capability of this ECR custom restoration, this Lightweight is now even better off road. Let us know if we can make your Off Roader a world class competitor... just like this one.

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