ECR ROX Defender 90 and 110 LED flasher unit install:

To install the variable load flasher in a 1993 NAS Defender 110 or 1994-1995 NAS Defender 90 simply remove the 2 thumbscrews holding the fuse box cover in place. The flasher relay (black) is located behind the fuse panel support (shown in green above), next to the wiper delay relay (red). Remove the factory relay (it will say Land Rover flasher relay on it) and replace it with the unit supplied and you are done.

To install the flasher relay in a 1997 NAS Defender 90 is more complicated due to the automatic center console. Land Rover made it a real pain in the butt to get to things in the 1997 NAS Defender.

The flasher is in nearly the same location (see arrow) as the earlier NAS Defenders, but the console prevents easy access. Here are the steps needed to get to it:

Remove the fuse panel cover.

The flasher relay is located behind the fuse panel support in the location marked by the purple outline, but you can't reach it (or at least we can't).

To remove the console, remove the 6 screws that hold the cubby box tray in place.

Remove the cubby box tray and remove the three 8mm headed bolts that hold the consoles rear bracket to the seat box.

Push forward on the shifter trim and lift the leading edge to release it. Do not pry hard on it or you can break it.

Image of the shifter trim removed.

Reach in through the fuse panel area and pop the transfer case shifter boot up.

Unscrew the transfer case knob and shifter boot as a unit.

Remove the 2 small panel plugs from the front of the shifter console. There is one on the LH side and one on the RH side.

Lift the back of the console up high and wriggle the console out from under the dash and move it backwards. You do not need to remove the console, just get it back far enough to work on the fuse box area. The radio unit may need to be unplugged to get enough distance, but it depends if you have a factory radio or something else.

Unscrew the LH screw that holds the fuse box support in place. There is a small spacer between the fuse box support and the bulkhead, be sure to catch it as you remove the screw.

Pull the fuse box panel back and push up on the flasher relay base to release it from the metal support.

Remove the factory flasher and install the unit supplied.

Then install the relay base back onto the metal support and test your flashers.
Once tested reverse the directions above to put the console back in.

Keep in mind that the LED tail lamps were sourced by ECR because our customers asked for something better. If you have an issue with your Defender the answer to your problems just might be sitting on the shelf at ECR, and if it isn't, we'll make it and install it for you.
Let us know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs!

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