Series IIA 88 Ex-Military

This 88 is getting everything from a new galv. frame to a full inside and out, bare metal, Bronze Green paint job. All the bodywork will be done as well as all new galv. trim. It will also be converted from RHD to LHD as well as a few other options. Here the body is being taken apart and moved to ECR's paint and body shop for the bodywork.

Here the new galv. chassis has been installed as well as the new Turner 2.25 engine.

Next was the bulkhead. The bulkhead on this SIIA was really rusted. It not only needed footwells and door posts. but we had to fabricate sections ofthe upper structure and the entire door seal lip. In this image you can see that the entire door post had to be removed and all the rust cut away in favor of new steel. Fortunately our bulkhead jig keeps everything linedup perfectly even during these extensive repairs and the end result will be a better than new bulkhead.

The bulkhead was them blasted back to white metal, dunked, epoxy primed and painted. This is an image of the fully restored bulkhead now at home on its new galv.frame.

This image shows the fully restored tub, new tub sides, new floor and more. These parts are treated with anti-corrosion materials and then painted in our state of the art paint/bake booth to look better than the factory ever dreamed possible. Our museum quality paint jobs top off our restorations, and everythingis done "in house" at ECR's facility in Warren, ME.

Here the steering conversion to LHD is complete and the other systems are being restored and installed. Notice the military duel fuel tanks and other military options. This 88 will be built in full military dress, military lighting to correct Bronze Green paint.

The 88 is now starting to look like a Rover again. We have installed a new Late Series IIA radiator support and the correct Late IIA grill. (it used to have an incorrect plastic SIII grill). Also now installed is all the new galvanized trim, including the winscreen frame and more, all installed with the correct hammer and crush rivets as from the factory.

While the mechanical systems are being installed and assembled in our mechanical shop, the paint shop is hard at work on the Limestone parts of the Rover. The roof has been stripped of all its parts and will be prep'd and painted as will the roof sides. This will include new headliner, window tracks and all seals. This 88 will also be getting a conversion to rear tailagate/lift gate from rear door so that the soft top can be easily fitted in the summer.

Here you can see the dash coming together with all new wiring, new paint and a restoration of all parts. The military configuration has been kept and a new custom wiring harness used. A few updates also make the Rover betterthat stock, such as an alternator conversion and upgraded defrosters.

On the far side of the bulkhead you can see the upgraded dual power brakes, and on the near side you can see the upgraded Mansfield heater, Optima battery system, all new fuel lines, the new Turner 2.25 engine and much more...all set up to make this 88 better than when it was new and ready for modern fuels and to be more comfortable in any season.

Now almost complete the nicely optioned 88 is really starting to take shape. The new galv. trim as well as the ECR paint job really make this 88 standout. Left to do now are Defender style door tops (they are alloy and do not rust), the rest of the interior and the road tests.

The completed engine bay looks better than the factory could ever have imagined. In a fully restored Rover you should be able to eat off just about any surface, and as you can see in this image an ECR restoration fits that bill. Everythingis spotless and correct.

The owner also requested we convert his rear door to a split lft gate/ tailgate system. In this image you can see the nearly finished restoration with the conversion completed. At ECR we still have all the parts available to do these conversions even though other shops may tell you they are no longer available.

Here is the completed restoration. The 88 now has almost completely new running gear from wiring harnes and alternator conversion, to new body panels and a galvanized frame. It has been converted to left hand drive and has a host of upgrades including a Mansfield heater, twin fuel tanks, high-backseats, Tuffy center console, Stereo system, Defender door tops, mirrors and interior panels just to name a few. The new Bronze paint looks great with all new galv. trim and the correct military lighting. The 88 will now be sent to Colorado to the waiting owner.
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