1967 Series IIA 109 3 door
This RHD, 2.6 liter 109 3 door was one ECR imported from theUK years ago. The owner has now decided that the 2.6 and the leaf springshave got to go, so it is here for a complete refurbish including a Rover3.9 V8, LR380 5 speed gearbox, galv. coil chassis and more.

The body is removed and the parts that will not be used and taken off. This109 will also be getting a full bulkhead restoration and modification tofit the 3.9 Rover V8.

Here the old chassis has been removed in our unique to the USA frame swapsystem. Now showing its age and some poorly done UK repairs, the old chassiswill be replaced with the new galv. coil chasis and V8 drive line.

Here the bulkhead has been modified, and the new 3.9 Rover V8 and RoverR380 5 speed installed. This version has the Weber carb. and aluminum intakefor a 109 that will haul as well as move!

With just a few systems left to hook up, this RHD 109 will have a new life.Able to cruise at any highway speed, able to stop well with its disc brakesand having long lasting parts like a galvanized chassis, this 109 is readyto take on the next 30 years!

Now complete except for a few odds and ends, this 109 is ready for anything

Who needs a Defener 110 when you can have a SIIA 109, with a galv. coilchassis, disc brakes, 3.9 Rover V8, 5 speed gearbox and more!!

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