Series IIA 88 Station Wagon
This 88 has been sent to us from Missouri for a new galv. frame, wiring harness, parabolic springs, bulkhead repair and more.

Shown here as it enters the shop, we will soon have the body off and the new galvanized frame installed in our unique frame swap system.

Bodywork removed we can beging to remove the rusted chassis in favor of the new galv. unit.

Here the axles, drivetrain and body are now on the new galv. frame. The bulkhead has been removed for rust repair work and will be restored back to the original condition and color.

This image shows the bulkhead in our unique jig that assures a flawless factory fit and a perfect bulkhead every time. The rusty and fiberglass filled door posts and footwells have been removed and the new panels test fit. The panels are assembled in the correct locations and are now ready for welding. Next the entire bulkhgead will be media blasted back to white metal, then primed and painted in the original Light Green.

Now with the restored bulkhead in place we can put the 88 back together. The original Light Green bulkhead looks a little out of place with the incorrect green paint on the rest of the truck, but the owner plans to repaint the vehcile back to original in the future, and with a new galv. frame and a restored bulkhead, this 88 has the potential to be truly great. Also being done will be new wiring, an alternator conversion, power dual brake system and much more.

Now complete this 88 is ready for transport back to themid-west. The Rover has a new backbone with its galv. frame and new bulkheadand any upgrades that the owner does from now on will be making this Rovereven better. Let us know if we can help jump start your restoration by installinga new frame the ECR frame swap way.

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