1970 Series IIA 88" Hardtop
This rusty 88 is being given a new chance at life.

Here the rusted old chassis is been removed and the body set up on a newgalv. coil chassis for its refurbishment. Other work will include a newTurner 2.25, Mansfield heater, wiring harness, etc. In a few weeks it willbe road ready again, and ready for years of updated service.

Here the commonly rusted parts have been removed for refurbishing. The newgalv. coil chassis awaits the new high output engine and the new paintedparts.

The bulkhead (in our unique bulkhead jig to assure a factory perfect fit)has now been repaired and is ready for primer and paint, and then installation.

Here the refurbished 88 is starting to come together.

New galv. coil chassis installed, wiring harness replaced, disc brakes andnew radiator support just to name a few of the thing that ECR has done tomake this 88 come back to life. It now waits for new 16" rims and CooperSTT tires.

Now done, this 88 coil conversion will be ready for anything. Still to goafter this image are a Warn X8000i winch, new Cooper STT tires, and a fewmore details, then off to its owner in NH for decades fo service.
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