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1967 Nada 109" Station Wagon
This nice original Safari Wagon will be getting a complete exterior paint job, full mechanical restoration, Rover 3.9 V8, LR380 gearbox, and a new galv. coil chassis conversion.

Here the 2.6 6 cylinder engine has been removed in favor of a New Rover V8 3.9. Notice the paint preparation already in progress.

The finshed paint work done in our new paint facility. Now it will move on to the get its new galv. coil chassis and mechanical restoration.

Here we see the freshly painted 109 move from the paint bay to one of the work bays. The stock NADA 2.6 engine has been removed, and the stiff leaf sprung chassis will be next to come out, in our unique to the USA frame swap system.

With the body removed the coil V8 swap is underway.

With the new galv. coil chassis set up (painted black to match the factory original) we begin to set up the new modern drive train. Here the LR380 kits has been installed. This mates a brand new R380 5 speed gearbox to the stock Series IIA transfer case. This way you get the more forward engine placement you need to fit the Rover V8 in a Series 109, fully synchronized 5 speed gearbox, no need for another lever overdrive, and you still retain part time 4WD. A great set up.

Here the New 3.9 Rover V8 is being fitted to the SIIA 109. Notice that we retain the factory look of the exterior of the 109, but will still fit in the Rover V8 and R380 5 speed.

Interior of this 109 Station Wagon got a few updates along with the rest of the Rover. Here you can see the high back seats, center cubby box with 4 speaker stereo, inertia seat belts, 5 speed shifter, etc.

This 109 is almost ready for the road, and with its coil chassis, disc brakes, and V8 -5 speed, it will be ready for any road. ECR has installed many Rover V8s in Series Rovers and we can install one for you, or just help you with the custom parts needed to do this conversion. Let us know how we can help.

This 109 left ECR before we could get good final pictures of it, but a number of years later it came back and we took some larger images. You can see them here!

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