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1993 Range Rover Classic LWB
Color change Paint work and off road upgrades

This Range Rover came to us from Maryland for a full color change paint job, quite a bit of body work and off road set up. The paint job will be a full color change from gold to green, and the off road upgrades will include everything from a Safari Gard rear bumper, an ARB front bumper with Warn 9000 winch, ARB lockers front and rear, HD 24 spline axles, roof rack, aux. lights and much more. In this image it has been stripped down for the color change so that every part that is now gold will be green (no hidden tape lines or cutting corners in an ECR paint job), no one will be able to tell this Rover was once gold when we are done.

In this image you can see that some of the bodywork is now done and the doors and fender have been given a full prime. Next the prep will continue and it will go into the spray booth to have all the hidden parts painted in the new Green color.

Here you can see the door jams are being painted inside and out with the full interior removed for a correct color change. This includes under the hood, around the tailgate, etc. The Caprice Mica color in base coat clear coat makes a bold statement on the Range Rover and looks great.

Now out of the spray booth in its perfect Caprice Mica paint, this Range Rover will head to the mechanical side of ECR for install of its new roof, quarter panels and a host of off road upgrades.

The body of this Range Rover will be like new, that includes replacing the damage roof panel. This image shows the new, freshly painted roof panel ready for installation n the Rover.

Here you can see the new ARB bumper with the Warn 9000 winch and PIAA 80 driving lights installed. We've got some really slick things in store for you on the switches inside this Range Rover, so stay tuned.

This Range Rover is also getting ARB 24 spline air lockers front and rear. To help make everything as bulletproof as possible we installed Ashcroft heavy duty axles in the front and rear of this Range Rover. In this image you can see the new drive flanges and HD axles that take the place of the old "one piece" axles that the Range Rover had from the factory.

Here you can see that the Rover's new roof is in place and the hood and other parts have been assembled onto the truck. You can also see the lengths that ECR goes to to make sure that your perfect ECR paint job stays perfect as we work on the mechanical aspects of this project. No other shop, especially not your local body shop, will take this type of care with your finished product.

In this image you can see the ECR ROX sliders installed on the LWB Range Rover. Ultra tough and ready for action these sliders have proven themselves on numerous Range Rovers and are built to not bend, and to let you grind over anything that might get in your way.

Here you can see the protection for the front of this Range Rover. The steering stabilizer has been relocated to the front (up and out of the way) with an ECR relocation kit, It also has an ECR heavy duty drag link, just in case you do hit a rock, as well as an ECR tie rod guard and a Safari Gard differential guard. All these items mean a tough front end that is ready for the hard stuff.

Above the heavy duty steering gear on this Range Rover is an ECR installed ARB winch mount front bumper with a Warn XD9000 winch and PIAA 80 driving lights to turn night into day when traveling on the trail. We even set up the Rover with a Warn recovery kit, so just in case it gets stuck it will be able to get it self out quickly and safely.

Out back we installed a Safari Gard rear bumper and skid plate to make the departure angle better and to protect the fuel tank from rocks and off road obstacles.

To see clearly while backing up we installed a Hella work lamp on the Wilderness Rack that doubles as a back up light. Using our own switch we are able to give you a switchable work light, or a back up light that comes one when you go into reverse, or you can turn the system off completely.

It is all done with a classy Rover switch, not a silver knob. Here you can see the switch located in the window switch panel on this Range Rover Classic.

Speaking of switches... As this Range Rover was converted from EAS (air suspension) to a Stage I style suspension set up, we had 3 switches near the driver that didn't do anything. So we altered the ARB system to be able to use these 3 switches for the ARB "Master Arm" switch and the "front" and "rear" ARB lockers. Very slick, very clean and no need to try and locate 3 more switches into the Rover. For switch detail go here!

To finsih off the interior we installed a new headliner and sunshade to get rid of the sagging old unit. This brings the interior back to life, and helps the Rover to look new again.

Here it is, the completed Range Rover, with everything from a Safari Gard rear bumper, roof rack, lockers, full color change paint job and much much more, this LWB is now ready for anything the owner wants to throw at it.
Let ECR know if we can make your Range Rover one of the world's best.... just like this one!

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