Valley view
ECR and Terra-Treks exploration of Central Labrador, June 1999
A trip to where the road ends... and then a little past that.

4 -HVGB to end of trek

We returned to HVGB to get ready for the long trip home. The good thing about HVGB being tied into the military base was that the German air crews that had been training there for some time were heading out soon, so they were having a huge party in the hanger at the base the night we returned from the trail. German beer, food and lots of fun... If you had to pick a night to be in Happy Valley, then this was the night.

The next morning we fueled up early and headed for the start of the TLH (Trans Labrador Highway) and headed out for Churchill Falls and Labrador City. Luckily the road crews don't work on Sunday so delays were at a minimum and if we did have delays it was something pleasant like watching a moose or other wildlife, not dump trucks.

Now that we knew the road we all picked up speed in that rush you get to "get home", even though we were still 3 days away from that goal.

Lunch stops along the TLH couldn't be better if you went to a State Park. At this stop near a lake we watched as pickerel darted in and out of the shallows chasing smaller fish.
The return trip was very similar to the trek up to HVGB. Our first stop for the night was again on the eastern side of Labrador City. This time the lead group spent some time and found a great camping spot on a left over power line on the edge of a lake.

Everyone was well into the camping routine now, so tents and meals came as second nature. Ian, Bill and Alan got a little restless and decided to make a raft out of logs and empty gas cans to go to a nearby island to see the snow that was left on it.

The rest of us had bets on how long it would take before Ian went for a very chilly swim... but he made it back to shore dry.

The next morning we headed for Labrador City, then back towards Baie Comeau. We stopped along the way to fuel up and switch drivers. This stop is just south of Labrador City.
The group pushed hard and made it all the way to Tadoussac just after dark. We found this town to be a great spot and if you are in the area it would be well worth a days visit. It has everything from whale watching to ocean sports and has a picturesque town and water front.

We stayed at campground that overlooks the town and the fjord. It was cheap, had great showers and was a welcome break after a long day on the road.

The view from our campsite over the town was amazing. If you look close you can see the ferry that runs on across the fjord in the picture. After a quick breakfast we loaded up and headed out for the last leg in our trip.

Once off the ferry we headed for Quebec City and then toward ECR in Maine.

I'd highly suggest this trek to anyone looking to get into light expedition work, and even if you left out the Mokami Trail section (I wouldn't suggest you try it unless well equipped) it will be a rewarding journey for you and your Rover. Labrador is a great place that isn't dangerous to test your expedition skills, and you too can find out where the road ends.

See you on the trail,

Mike Smith

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