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NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon

This nice 110 came to us from Indiana for a host of upgrades to this already well set up 110 and to fix some problems. The funny thing is that most of the big problems that the local Rover "experts" said it had weren't there. One person diagnosed a broken CV joint in the front due to a loud clicking noise in the front. ECR found this was actually worn suspension bushings. Imagine if the owner had paid to have new CV joints put in! A second expert diagnosed that the LT77s gearbox was going bad due the "lash" or "slap" in the drivetrain. ECR uncovered that this was actually a stuck hand brake mechanism. Imagine if the owner would have paid to put in a new gearbox! The local Land Rover dealer told the owner that the blower motor in the AC system was bad and needed to be replaced. ECR found that only a bad vacuum switch was at fault and that it didn't need the days labor or $400. fan motor. So even though you are some distance from ECR can you afford to not ship your Rover to ECR for service and upgrades?

The Rover did have some typical 110 problems and the owner wanted to get things back to 100%. One of the items was lower door seals that were coming apart and some rust in the door support. We removed the seals and ground out all the rust. In this image you can see the rust starting in the door supports. We then treated the metal and coated it with epoxy primers and paint. We then made HD door seal guards and installed them with new seals for a complete repair.

The nearly complete repair is seen above. No more rust and a better job then the factory did for a long lasting Defender 110.
In this image you can also see the ECR ROX 110 sliders already in place.

Another rust issue was the body cappings. Rover never painted under these so after a few years rust comes through. In this image you can see the cappings have been removed and will be replaced with new units that are painted inside and out. You can clearly see where the paint ends and why Defenders have some rust issues. At ECR we know how to solve all the Defender's problems.

The completed repair with new capping that are painted inside and out for a long lasting Rover with no rust "bleeds" from the body. We can also galvanized these pieces for a different look and a long lasting repair.

Some of the other upgrades for this 110 included a custom Hi-Lift jack mount on the ARB bumper, an axe rack on the roof basket and a second spare tire mount on the roof so the owner can carry 6 tires on his off road treks.

The owner also wanted easy to remove side steps on his ECR ROX sliders so we made units that unbolt quickly for off road use, but are sturdy and look great for on road use.

Now complete this very well set up Defender 110 will head back to the mid-west for on and off road fun!
let us know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs from rust repair to the worlds best upgrades... ECR is your Defender source.