Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Series IIA 88" Hard top
The new owner of this 88 decided he wanted to change the look of his 88. We will be converting it to pick up cab, with a rear 3/4 canvas, restoring the vehicle... including installing a factory fresh 2.5 diesel!

This is the 88 as delivered. Although it is already on a galv. frame, the rest of the body has some serious rust. We will be replacing the doors, door tops, restoring the bulkhead, etc.

In this image the roof has been removed, for later installation of the pick up roof, and the body parts are being stripped for paint work. We found quite a bit of hidden "bondo" in the body, so those panels will be replaced with new as well.

The tear down continues... We have removed the rusted parts and will now remove the remaining parts for the complete paint job in Limestone.

In this image you can see just why we had to tear down this 88. This is the condition of the bulkhead. It has now been removed and is in our bulkhead "jig" for a complete and correct repair. Notice you can see right through the footwell after we removed all the bondo and poorly done patches.

The factory New 2.5 diesel has now arrived and will be install in this pick up.

Here the body is being assembled. Notice the new half cab and 3/4 canvas hoops. A custom made 3/4 canvas and door panels from Badger Coachworks will be installed to finish off the 88.

The engine bay has now been modified to take the 2.5 diesel, and other items are being installed such as the high output heater system. Notice the factory look and new condition of the bulkhead. Check out the before photo of the bulkhead above. Remember we can also repair bulkheads for your own project that look just as flawless as this one. All our bulkheads are "jig built" for a perfect fit of your doors and bulkhead every time. Let us know if we can help you with a complete project, or just some major work to your bulkhead.

Here the 88 is almost complete. Just a few more systems to hook up, and a few more things to finish up, and this great little diesel Rover will be ready for decades of service to its new owner.

This is the completed custom Rover 2.5 diesel install. This powerplant is a good choice for Series owners looking for diesel power that has more grunt than the old 2.25. It also runs cleaner and has a better injection system. Also notice the Mansfield heater, etc.

This images show the newly rebuilt interior with all new hardura trim, new seats, details looking great. This is pretty much a NEW Series IIA.

We also do custom interiors. This is a shot of the pick up headliner we made for this 88. As the stock headliners are very rare, and plastic inserts look like crap, we hand built this one to the customer's specifications. Notice the Badger Coachworks door panels are still to be installed.

Badger Coachworks also made this great looking 3/4 canvas for the 88. The customer wanted it built from high quality Beechwood canvas, and with no side windows.

Quite a transformation from the rusty mess that came in the door. Here you can see the completed Series IIA 88 with pick up cab, 2.5 diesel, 4 speed with Overdrive, 3/4 custom canvas, Cooper STT tires, Warn 9000 winch, etc etc. Let us know if we can build or modify a Rover for you!