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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1995 Range Rover Classic
Roll Over Repair

This 1995 Range Rover Classic has come to us from Nantucket for repair from an unfortunate roll over accident. The good news is no one was hurt, the damage is mostly cosmetic, and it can easily repaired. In the image above you can see that we have started to strip off the damaged panels to start the repair process.

The roll over set the Rover onto the left hand side and also caused some minor damage to the right front and the tailgate. Here you can see we have removed the left side fender and quarter panel. Those panels will be replaced with new because they were too badly damaged to repair. The doors are good enough to repair however. We'll be installing new outer skins to the doors (see the wrinkles in the doors image above) and we will make the Rover as good as new.

The rear of the Rover made out pretty well in the roll over. There was only one minor dent in the tailgate. The image above shows that we have pulled that dent and are now treating the area with the correct epoxy primers. The tailgate will then be blocked down (sanded) and made ready for paint.

Once the doors are removed from the Range Rover the real work can begin. Here you can see the rear passenger door has been stripped out and the door skin has been removed. While we have the door part we will epoxy prime the seal lip (Land Rover never even applied paint in these areas) to make for a longer lasting door, especially in the salt environment on Nantucket.

The red arrows above point to the seal lip where the door skin (an alloy panel) attaches to the door frame (a steel structure). You can clearly see in the images that these areas are bare steel (no primer, no paint). Even this low mileage 1995 Range Rover was starting to show significant signs of corrosion in these areas, so we'll epoxy prime all these locations before we install the skin and we'll seam seal everything so water can't get in when we install the new skins.

The damaged panels on the LH side have now all been removed and the minor work needed to the body shell has been repaired. You can note that the tailgate damage has been repaired and is waiting for a full coat of primer. Now we will move on to test fitting all the panels to make sure of a perfect fit before we prime and paint the panels.

Here you can see that new factory door skins have been installed on the door frames and the doors have been hung back on the Rover. The door gaps and body lines are all checked at this stage, and any needed adjustments are made to the panels before they are painted. Once everything lines up correctly and all the needed panel beating is complete, the doors and the other panels will be getting 3 coats of PPG epoxy primer, 3 coats of Green base coat, and numerous coats of clear for a deep shine and great corrosion resistance.

The right hand side of this Range Rover is now nearly back together. Here you can see we have epoxy primed and painted a new front fender and installed it on the Rover with all the correct lights and trims back in place. The cowl and hood were undamaged in the roll so we will replace those items once the install of the new pieces is complete.

The side where the Rover rolled is now starting to look much better. The doors and front fender have been fully primed, painted, and lined up so that the body lines are correct and so that the doors close with ease. The panels have been wet sanded and buffed for a deep shine to match the rest of the Rover. Next we will re-install the windows and interior panels into the doors and begin to put the Rover back together.

Here you can see that the front bodywork has been re-installed and buffed to match the new paint. The body kit, light guards and such are all back in place and the Rover is starting to look complete again.

This image shows the completed Range Rover ready to head back to the owner in MA. The roll over body damage has been repaired with new parts so that only a few will ever be able to tell that the Rover was ever in an accident, and we have completed some smaller service items as well to get the Rover ready for for the owner to enjoy. The ECR repairs will last longer than the factory original parts as we take the time to address the corrosion that the factory assembled pieces did not address.

Here you can see the side that the Range Rover rolled onto and the tailgate. All the repairs are done with metal, not body filler and every panel on this side of the Rover had to be replaced, but even close up it is hard to tell the new panels from the old.

If you have needs for your Land Rover product, from a simple fender bender to roll over repair, oil change to performance engine install... ECR is your source.

NOTE: We do not sell, or have available, the body kit found on this Range Rover.

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