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1993 NAS Defender 110 #6/500
More upgrades!

This NAS 110 has come back to ECR from Nantucket for a new round of upgrades. Last season we did a number of things to this 110 Wagon that you can check out here: NAS 110 #6. This time we have a new list and will be making the 110 even closer to exactly what the customer desires.

One of those upgrades is the installation of the factory style sunroof. In the image above you can see we have removed the front headliner and drilled out the center roof rib. This will allow us to install the factory style sunroof that was used on the later model Defender 110s and the NAS Defender 90 Wagons.

Here you can see we have cut the roof and installed the outside ring of the sunroof assembly. The sunroof gets sealed in place so that it won't leak, and then tightened down. Next step is to install the headliner and the trims to make for a clean sunroof install.

This image shows the nearly completed install. As you can see it looks very original and uses all Land Rover parts for a clean, factory looking install.

The outside of the 110 with the sunroof addition looks just as clean and nice as the inside does.
The sunroof tilts for ventilation and can also be quickly removed to let the sun shine in.

Another upgrade for this NAS 110 is the addition of some fishing rod holders. The customer uses the 110 on the beaches of Nantucket quite often, so a good place to carry the fishing gear was needed.

The customer suggested some quality fishing rod mounts that we adapted to the safari cage of the 110 by fabricating some stainless steel brackets to allow the rods to sit high enough and tuck up next to the roof top basket. (The roof basket is currently off the 110). These front mounts hold the tips securely in foam and they strap down with a rubber strap.

The rear of the rods slide into these mounts and gets strapped down. We fabricated another stainless steel bracket to allow the 4 rods to hang correctly down the side of the 110.

One of the items left over from last season was the rear headliner. It has been on back order, but arrived recently and we installed it for a nice fresh look to the interior of the Rover. Here you can also see the rear air conditioning system that we installed in the 110 last time around.

In the sound system of this 10 the owner always wants the best stuff possible. So outside the 110 we have installed a new marine grade XM satellite radio antenna so that the 110 can cruise on the beaches of Nantucket and pull in signals at full power for XMs 100s of channels.

Inside we have installed a high end Alpine XM ready head unit that has a tilt face so that the controls and display are very easy to use and see, even in the factory 110 radio location.

The old CD changer was mounted in the cubby box, but that had to go to make room for the XM satellite radio receiver. Shown as the small silver box in the rear of the cubby box.

The Alpine CD changer/ MP3 player was moved to underneath the rear seat for both easy access and for an out of the way location. The units are wired so that you can still flip and fold the seats so that all of the 110s flexibility in passenger and cargo arrangement is retained.

The JL Audio 500/5 amp that we installed last year stays in its location from our past install, under the other rear seat. A killer sound system in a killer 110.

The owner of the 110 had mentioned that the 110 had an annoying "clack". We were able to determine that the weight of the rear tire on the rear door over the last 10 years had broken a few of the welds in the door frame, allowing the "click" to occur when a bump was hit. We re-welded and strengthened the joints so that not only is the "click" gone, it won't come back anytime soon. At ECR we go the extra mile to make your Land Rover exactly what you want it to be.

After a few things that needed attention for service on the 110, we have re-installed the custom white roof basket and rear ladder on the 110, painted the hood and installed some more stainless steel hardware where we could. It is now almost ready for another summer in the island.

Here you can see the completed NAS110. It has been fully serviced and upgraded to be as close to the owner's desires as possible. Keep in mind this 110 Wagon now has about every option in the book, from a Pursuit 4.6 V* engine at roughly 275 hp, to rear air conditioning, on board air compressor to satellite radio, this 110 is ready for just about anything.
If you have repairs or upgrades you want done to your Defender let us know. We'll be happy to make your Defender world class... juts like this one!

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