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1963 Series IIA 88 Station Wagon
Repair and Upgrade

This Series IIA 88 has come to us from NY for some repairs and upgrades. It is a Rover that we refurbished a few years ago, you can see that project here Series IIA 88 refurbish, and now it needs some minor repairs and a few upgrades. This 88 gets used off road and we are happy to see that, but the owner has found a few things that need to be modified to keep up with the other Rovers that he goes off roading with.

The main issue is the gearbox cross member, or better yet, what is left of it. This piece really takes the abuse when off roading, and as you can see in the image above, the weak stock gearbox cross member has been pounded flat and is in bad shape. Installing a new gearbox cross member is not an option because the customer plans to continue to off road this great looking 88, so we have to make something better than the factory did.

Here is our solution in the form of a new gearbox cross member. This unit is made from materials that will stand up to off road abuse and it will be the basis for a large alloy skid plate that will cover the gearbox area so that rocks and stumps won't hang up the 88 on its off road adventures. Next we will install the new cross member and then fabricate the skid plate.

Here you can see the completed skid plate that will keep off road obstacles from getting into the area between the engine and gearbox cross members. It will also protect the gearbox and transfer case and keep the gearbox mounts in tact. A previous hard hit on some off road obstacle had broken the gearbox rubber mounts.

The thick alloy skid plate is strengthened with ribs on the inside to make sure it can't bend, and the sides and leading edges are all tilted up slightly so that the Rover will move smoothly onto and off on off road hazards, without edges to catch on things.

The tail end of the plate trails away and protects the transfer case from harm. The small hoop you see in the fabricated cross member a few pictures up is what reaches back to hold the tail end of the skid plate, as without it the area near the hand brake would have no strength. The green arrow points out the rear edge of that hoop on the cross member. The alloy skid plate is easily removed so that you can service the Rover and adds as little weight as possible while still doing its job.

We also took care of some minor oil leaks and get the 88 ready for more fun and off road use by the owner, and now it is ready to head by to NY. If you have Series Rover needs from a full restoration to a nice custom addition like this skid plate, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help make your Series Rover as cool as this one.

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