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1993 Range Rover LWB
Pursuit 4.6 and more

The Range Rover LWB is one that we tricked out a few years back for an owner in MD. After a few years of service, and over 196,000 miles, the Rover is now back for more upgrades. This time around we will be getting rid of the weak 4.2 V8 and installing a new 275 hp Pursuit 4.6. That way this nice looking LWB will have the "go" to match its "show". For information on the last round of upgrades go here!

Here you can see the old 4.2 has been removed and is ready for strip down. This 4.2 did really well to get to nearly 200,000 miles, but the latest generation 4.6 will not only give the Rover a new heart, but also give it added performance.

The transmission of the Rover is also being totally gone through due to the miles on the Rover. Here you can see we have removed it from the LWB and now we'll strip it down and rebuild it, and cure those leaks you see on the bottom of it as well.

Here you can see that we have removed all the cross over parts from the old 4.2, cleaned everything up and installed it on the new Pursuit 4.6. Anything that didn't cut the mustard was replaced with a new part to make sure this 4.6 is able to give maximum performance at maximum efficiency.

Above you can see just one of the many things that makes a Pursuit better than a stock 4.6. This is a close up of the velocity stacks in the custom intake. The runners are larger and flow much more air, and as you know more air means more power.

More air in means you need more air out to build power. Here you can see a close up of the modified exhaust port in the Pursuit heads. These are fully gasket matched and flowed for maximum exhaust gas flow. The larger intake and exhaust valves inside the head also help to make more power.

The owner of this Range Rover wanted to add some gauges to keep track of what is going on with the new Pursuit engine, but the factory only offered a temp. gauge and they left no where else to mount gauges that looks any good. So to add on some nice gauges to monitor coolant temp, oil pressure and volts we fabricated a secondary dash pod that mimics the look of the factory gauge cluster that will house the new gauges. Once we get the gauges installed and paint this in the same style as the dash it will look like a factory option.

This image shows the fully rebuilt gearbox ready to be mated to the original transfer case and then installed into the Range Rover. It is fully gone through from top to bottom and with a new torque convertor it will soon be ready to mate to the Pursuit 4.6.

Here you can see that the engine has been set into the engine bay, and now we will start to hook everything up to get it ready for testing. The rebuilt gearbox has also been installed and so have the sensors for the new gauges. As you can see above the Pursuit 4.6 fits easily where the old tired 4.2 used to be.

To keep tabs on the new Pursuit 4.6 we have installed a full set of gauges in the pod that we created. You ccan see above the the pod has been painted to match the rest of the interior in the Rover and all the guages are mounted.

The pod also angles the gauges to the driver so that they are easy to read and even the texture of the pod is the same as the factory dash for a custom, but clean looking install.

Here you can see the new NRP performance Y pipe installed on the LWB. The old Y pipe was too rusted to save, so this unit with the new 02 sensors will keep the state emission guys happy and allow the Pursuit 4.6 to run well with no leaks or rust issues.

This image shows the Pursuit 4.6 install completed. The systems have all been hooked up and the initial engine start up has been accomplished and it is running great. Next we will finish up some small work orders, like mud flaps and such and then we will road test the Range Rover to make sure all our work is 100%.

Some of the smaller items on this Rover are items like mounting the customers badges on the grill and...

Installing mud flaps front and rear on the body.

Here you can see the completed Range Rover LWB ready to head back to MD for more on and off road fun. The new Pursuit 4.6 and the rebuilt gearbox will help the owner keep playing for what we hope is another 200,000 miles.
If you have upgrade needs for your Rover, contact ECR. We'll be glad to help.

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