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1993 NAS Defender 110 Station Wagon #312/500
Automatic conversion and numerous upgrades

This 1993 NAS Defender 110, #312 of 500, is one that we restored from the ground up just a short time ago. The truck changed hands recently and the new owner wants to tweak the truck to be exactly what he wants it to be. So the truck has come back to ECR for a new round of upgrades and changes. Once all the work is complete it will be headed out to Colorado for some more adventures. To see the original restoration go here!

The changes in store for the truck range from small things like adding some auxiliary lights, to big things such as converting the 110 from 5 speed manual to an automatic gearbox. The new owner also wants to have the roof the same color as the rest of the body, so you can see above that we have removed the safari cage and the roof, and taken the roof to our in house paint department.

Here you can see the roof in the paint shop. The white paint will be removed and then the roof will be sealed and then numerous coats of Willow Green base and clear will be applied in our state of the art paint/bake booth.

This image shows the 110 coming along nicely. The roof is complete and has been re-installed along with the safari cage. You'll notice the roof rack has not be re-installed, that is because the truck is getting a new design ECR ROX roof rack that will be longer to hold more gear.

One of the bigger changes in store for the 110 is the switch from 5 speed manual to automatic. So to make that happen the truck goes up...

out comes the R380 5 speed...

and in goes the ZF automatic that is set up for the engine. We wish it was that easy, but there are numerous other things to do as well, form installing the compu-shift to control the gearbox to removing the clutch system and installing the oil cooler for the automatic gearbox.

While the automatic set up is installed the custom fabrication work begins to make everything for the 110 that the new owner wants. One of the items the new owner wants is a rear mounted winch, so we have fabricated our rear step/tow bumper that houses a Warn 9000 winch. It mimics the look and function of the stock bumper, but it is all new construction. This image shows the bumper complete and ready to head to zinc and powder coating.

Fabrication continues with a longer ECR ROX roof basket. The customer wants the ability to store more gear on the roof. That gear will include a 6th spare tire, Pelican cases and more. Above you can the rack we have created to meet the owner's requirements. It has slightly taller sides to make gear easy to strap down, numerous tie down points and a full floor for ease of getting around up on the roof. It also incorporates a removable spare tire mount, limb riser mounts and a swept design to make it look like it belongs on a truck this nice looking.

This image shows the rack in the mock up stage on the truck. You also can see that we will be adding some serious off road lighting in the form or large LED lamps that will throw tons of light while keeping the electrical draw low. These units are also waterproof and made from top notch materials for long life. Next up we will fabricate the front legs for the rack system, then the rack will also be ready for zinc and powder coating.

At the rear of the rack there are more LED lamps to basically turn night into day whenever the mood strikes you. Combine these LED lamps with the Light Force HID units on the ROX front bumper and you should be able to see this 110 from space.

Now that the gearbox has been installed now it is time to hook everything up. The 5 speed equipment has been removed and the automatic bits are starting to go in. As with any type of conversion at ECR this automatic conversion will be complete. That means the 110 gets everything from the correct center console to the larger brake pedal, dead pedal to starter inhibit wiring. In the end it will look like the factory built the truck as an automatic, even though they never built such an animal.

At the rear of the 110 we have removed the factory tire carrier. We will be fabricating a replacement that is a swinging unit that moves with the door. It will not only hold the spare, but will hold 10 gallons of diesel fuel, a storage box and mix-gas for the chain-saw that will be mounted inside the cargo area.

Here you can see the project a little further along. The front bumper has been modified to hold the Hi-Lift jack and is now out for powder coating. The 110 also gets new Defender 130 steel wheels that we have epoxy primed and painted in the body color. The Good-Year MTRs will make their way onto the new rims and those will be going on shortly.

Inside we have started to fabricate the required mounts for the customer's desired GPS system. We have also started the wiring changes that will move the radio to the new automatic center console, as well as the wiring and cable running for all the additional equipment the customer wishes installed.

The interior work continues with making the automatic conversion complete and factory correct. The correct brake pedal assembly is installed along with the dead pedal for your left foot and more. Our goal is to make it look like the factory offered this truck in a Td5 automatic, even though they never did.

Out back the fabrication is nearly complete on the new tire carrier, that holds a lot more than tires. This set up is a monster, but it carries what the customer specified he wanted to carry. Now that everything has been mocked up it is time to get the newly fabricated items zinc and powder coated. While the parts are being coated we will get the rest of the wiring done and continue to add the other smaller options, like the rear view mirror with an external temp display and the XM radio system.

Here you can see that the parts have come back from powder coating and everything has been assembled. The Hi-Lift jack is now in place, as is the fender mounted shovel and all the other goodies.

While all the freshly powder coated parts are being assembled we have also installed the new Defender 130 steel wheels (all 6 of them) and are doing the final checks to make sure everything is ready to go.

This image shows the new limb risers installed along with the LED driving lamps and the easy-on-off (and lockable to the rack) Pelican case. The case is arranged so that you can stand on the sliders and access the Pelican case because the lid opens towards the center of the truck.

In the rear of the truck the rear work/reverse lamps have all been installed and the new 2 way radio antenna has been set up on a custom mount.

Inside the 110 we have made custom mounts for all the customer's requested gear. That includes a heavy duty gun rack for up to 4 guns. The gun rack has soft rubber pockets that protect expensive guns and it also has velcro straps that hold the guns from jumping out of the rack when off roading. There are also mounts in the cargo area for a chain saw, Warn recovery bag, kinetic recovery rope and more. All this gear is made to stay where you put it, so in case the truck rolls or is on an extreme angle off road, nothing will shift, move or hit any passengers.

Even though we switched this 110 from a 5 speed to an automatic we have tried to keep all the equipment that was already in the truck, and that includes the inverter. We have changed the mounts and modified the center console so that the 115v power that the truck can supply is still easy to use.

Here you can see the console in place and looking quite factory. We have added the customer's 2 way radio and his requested GPS system. The GPS is set up on a mount that we fabricated that connects it directly to the bulkhead, so it won't jiggle or move while the truck is going down the road, like it would if it was just connected to the plastic dash. Then we installed a ram mount on our set up so that the GPS can be angled or swung side to side so that the driver or passenger can access all its functions.

This image shows the gear at the back of the 110. There is a roto-pax container for mixed gas, 10 gallons of extra diesel fuel, an additional spare and another Pelican case for gear storage, and don't forget the rear 9000 pound winch with synthetic rope and a billet fairlead.

Here you can see the completed project. The well outfitted automatic 110 is now ready to head out to CO to take on whatever the new owner wants to do with it. This massive 110 now boasts just about every trick in the book, from dual winches, to a custom gun rack and a GPS with satellite weather overlay... "well outfitted" doesn't really begin to cover it.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.

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