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Defender 110 Station Wagon 300 Tdi/ 5 speed
conversion to 4.6 Pursuit EFI V8/ Automatic

This imported Defender 110 has come to us form a dealer customer in Virginia. It was recently purchased by the owner from an import company, but the new owner did not understand what the performance of the 300 Tdi 5 speed would be like and he did not drive the truck before he purchased it, and he doesn't like it. So the 300 Tdi 5 speed is coming out and a new 4.6 Pursuit EFI V8 is going in with an automatic gearbox.

The 110 will also be getting repainted a different color, but the owner is going to have his own crew do the majority of that work. They can't handle the engine conversion, but they can do the paint work, but while we have things apart we will be painting some of the truck to make sure its color change is done correctly while the engine is out.

Here you can see the stock 300 Tdi set up. Its a great engine for a lot of people, but this customer wants more highway speed and it just isn't up to the task of running the interstate fast while towing a trailer (even if you add performance mods)...

so out it comes. The front clip has also been removed so that we can do the paint work on the fenders.

Here is what the factory 5 speed interior set up looks like. All this will be coming out in favor of the factory automatic set up.

This image shows the tear down a little further along. The bulkhead is out and all the drive train has been removed so that we can start from scratch with the V8 automatic install.

Here is the bulkhead now in primer and being seam sealed so that it will resist rust as much as possible. When possible we suggest a a galvanized bulkhead, but it is all up to the customer. You can also see that all the modifications for the EFI V8 were done prior to the primer work, so this bulkhead is now a correct mix of ROW (rest of world) 110 and NAS Defender with its EFI V8.

The bulkhead has been primed and painted in a nice Aston Martin color and is now ready to head back to the 110 for installation.

The engine bay areas of the fenders have also been painted in the truck's new color. This way when the customer's body shop does the paint work they do not have to worry about covering white that would be in the engine bay.

Here you can see the new 4.6 Pursuit engine getting set up for the 110. The Pursuit will be getting all our updates, from new injectors to stainless fuel lines, a performance exhaust to an updated computer program.

This image shows the new automatic being set up on the original LT230 transfer case. Once everything is bench tested the engine and gearbox will be mated together and installed into the 110.

Here you can see the newly painted bulkhead has been re-installed into the 110 and things are ready for the mechanical parts to go back together.

This image shows the new 4.6 Pursuit now sitting in place while all the systems around it are modified as required and hooked up.

The factory wiring harness receives a number of modifications so that it will run the truck correctly, but also run the EFI system and still use the correct check engine system and do everything that a factory EFI 110 would do, if the factory built a later model EFI V8 110, which they didn't.

The performance heads and intake on the Pursuit 4.6 give it the power and grunt that the customer is looking for. The new injectors run smoother than the originals and it delivers even better mpg than the 1993 NAS 110 with its factory 3.9 liter V8.

The 110 is coming together now, with all the systems working together. Once you change one thing it changes everything else, so everything from fuel lines to AC parts are changed as well as wiring and structural mounts.

Here you can see the completed engine bay. Only a true expert could tell this engine bay from a factory original. All the parts are where they are supposed to be and everything is built for long term service. There are no odd-ball parts. If you need a repair item such as a water pump or belt, all the parts are Land Rover and all are available. You won't have to go searching around for what some shop used to "convert" your Defender.

This image shows the factory style automatic console installed in the 110. Here again everything is done in the factory style as usual, so that it looks correct and clean and can be easily serviced down the road.

Here is the completed project. The 110 now drives and pulls down the highway like the customer wants it do and when it gets back to VA the rest of the paint work will be completed to make the 110 all one color again. If you need a conversion for your Defender, no matter what the year or vintage, we can easily handle anything you need no matter if it is diesel or gasoline.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender set up the way you want it.

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