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1993 NAS Defender 110 #238/500
Service and Upgrades

This clean, low mile, 1993 NAS Defender 110 has come to us from PA, but it is bound for a new owner on Nantucket, so we will doing some needed minor repairs and some upgrades in order to make it top notch and ready to be enjoyed for the summer. The truck is in great shape and it is nice to see that there are still rust free NAS 110 out there even these 17 years or so later. The low miles are a big plus, but there are still some things that need to be taken care of on any Defender that is going on 20 years old, like adding our upgraded oil cooler lines and a full servicing. As with any 110 that arrives at ECR, the first step is to fully evaluate the vehicle from top to bottom and then share that information with the customer and come up with a plan that meets the customer needs. Once we do that it is time to go to work.

This 110 already has some nice upgrades, like rear disc brakes replacing the original drum brakes, and it doesn't need any really big repairs. We will just be taking care of some minor items and giving the 110 a complete once over to make sure everything stays in working order and as nice as it is. As the 110 is headed for the beach we will be installing some new tires that will be better for the sand driving, something a little wider. While we swap over the tires we will get the new ROX oil cooler lines installed and start installing the new sound system to replace the original AM/FM tape deck.

Here you can see the 110 in the lift getting the items that need sorting, sorted out. Along with the routine service and repair items we are also adding some "nice to have" upgrades that will help keep things going on the 110. This image also shows the new, better for the beach, tires that have been installed.

Once the under-vehicle work is done we turn our attention to the interior. The heater control cable was bad on the 110 and needed to be fixed. Most shops will tell you that the heater control cable in NLA (no longer available), but here at ECR we have stocks of everything needed to keep the NAS 110 heat and AC systems going. That is the beauty of having a vast inventory of parts that dates back to when 1993 NAS 110s were new, we have all the NOS (new old stock) parts on hand for our customers Defenders. Once the HVAC system was back up to snuff it was time to continue with the upgrades.

This image shows the ROX kick panel for the NAS 110. It looks just like the original, but it is made out of alloy, not cardboard like the original, so it will stand up to muddy or wet boots and stay looking good.

The driver's side gets a ROX kick panel as well. Here you can also see the new JL Audio speakers that have been installed and you can also see just how nice and rust free this 110s bulkhead is, it is one of the better ones we have seen recently. Once all the work is done the new heavy duty rubber floor mats will go in these areas, and throughout the 110.

To make sure the 110 always has battery power we have installed twin batteries and a dual battery manager system to control the power needs of the truck.

The control for the battery manager is mounted in the cubby box and keeps the second battery as a back up. So if you end up playing the music on the beach a little too long, you won't have to go looking for jumper cables. The system automatically kicks in the second battery when you start the vehicle, so you won't get left without power. This image also shows the new Alpine head unit, with satellite radio and iPod capability. Simply plug your iPod into the cable in the cubby box and tuck it safely away. All your iPod functions are now controlled by the radio itself for hours and hours of music.

Here you can see the engine bay nearly complete. The nice thing about working on a truck as unmolested as this one is that repairs are straight forward. We just have to replace what needs replacing and we don't have to undo any goofy crap that some back-lot engineer though would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Repairs on a stock rig like this are simple and long lasting because the truck is the way the factory intended.

One that the factory didn't get right and that needs upgrading are the oil cooler lines. The originals are a bad design and can cause a complete Defender melt down. Go here for details. To cure this we have installed a set of ROX oil cooler lines. These are made from race car parts and are the cure for the old and dry rotted original oil lines.

As this 110 is headed for the beach we need to set it up with the gear needed to get an over-sand permit. That means some pretty basic things like the ability to get the truck "unstuck" in case it becomes stuck. That means it needs some recovery equipment and safe and secure recovery points front and rear. Here at the front of the 110 you can see we have added some ROX recovery points to the winch plate to cover the front end...

and out back we have added a simple hitch style recovery point. These give safe and secure recovery points for all the trucks pulling and winching needs. This image also shows the rear work reverse light that can go on and off automatically as you select reverse gear, or it can come on manually so that you can load your camping gear at night. As with most of the work we do on these rare and cool NAS 110s, our work light system bolts to existing bolts on the truck and no extra holes are drilled into the expensive truck. If down the road you want to remove the lamp you can do so and it won't leave a trace, unlike the other shops installs we see that drill holes through the roof!

As this 110 is headed for the beach we have added a set of ROX seat covers for the all the seats. The drivers seat was also treated to a new foam base, as the original, near two decade old unit, was starting to sag pretty badly.

These ROX covers go on the 60/40 bench as well and will stand up to kids, dogs, sand and will keep the original factory

The rear individual jump seats get the seat covers as well and the entire truck has been outfitted with heavy duty rubber floor mats, and the floor carpets, that just tend to hold water, have been boxed up for potential future use.

To protect against any unseen hazards that might be lurking in the sand on the beach we have installed some better steering gear. We have added a Rovertracks HD drag link to help protect the front of the steering system...

and added a ROX tie rod guard to completely protect the tie rod itself. This set up will make it so that just in case the 110 bumps a rock or stump it won't end in tears. If you didn't have this pieces you could hit a small rock or stump and end up with the front wheels pointing in different directions, and that will ruin your beach weekend real quick. The tie rod is the lowest thing on a Defender and having a stock one if you venture off the pavement at all is just asking for a ruined day, and an expensive repair and towing charge.

Here you can see the freshly service and modified NAS 110 ready to head to Nantucket. It has been fully gone through, road tested and passed our 3 page pre-delivery check sheet. Doing this level of work assures that this 110 will be ready to go when the customer gets it on the island. There is substitute for having a professional shop, as experienced with Defenders as we are check your Defender over before you want to reply on it for a summer of fun. This 110 will now be ready for fun in the sun and on the sand without any "just bought a used car" worries or surprises.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.

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