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1993 NAS Defender 110 #233/500 Service and Upgrades

This 1993 NAS Defender 110 has come to us from New Jersey and is destine for island fun on Nantucket. The 110 has high miles, but it isn't here for restoration, it is here for service work to get it back up to snuff. As much as we like to restore Defenders we realize that isn't always want the customer desires. So for this 110 we are going to service and repair the Rover so that it is safe and reliable for the customers indented use.

The brake system was in bad shape and the rear brakes had to be rebuilt, and the original shocks had long since given up so they have been replaced with new Bilstien units.

The engine had so many leaks it was tough to know where all the leaks were, but the good news is that the internals of the engine are very clean and its obvious this 110 has been getting its oil changed regularly. That likely saved the owner a ton of money in engine repairs. The motor really only needs new seals and gaskets, the heart of the engine is in good shape. Here you can see we have removed the needed components to get to the leaking gaskets and seals. Next we will clean up all those parts and then correctly install everything with the latest generation parts to cure the leaks. This 110 still had the cork valve cover gaskets and the tin valley pan gasket. Once we replace all those with the updated rubber and composite gaskets the leaks and headaches will be gone.

As with most any NAS 110, the original headliners were sagging badly. In the image above you can see we have removed all those old headliners and are getting ready to install the latest units to cure the problem. A nice side benefit of the new style headliners is that we can install the updated interior lights that offer light in the front and rear of the 110 to make things easier at night.

Rust is starting to take hold of this 110 and it already took out the factory exhaust system. To combat future problems we have installed an NRP stainless exhaust.

We also had to fabricate a new rear exhaust hanger on the rear section of the frame because the factory one had rusted off completely and there was nothing rust free to weld a new one onto. Once the fabrication was complete the exhaust hangs under the 110 as it should and will last a good long time.

The NRP system exits slightly different than the stock unit, so we needed to fabricate a new bracket for the LH rear mud flap, but once done, the system will look stock and be much longer lasting... and those are our main goals.

To make the 110 a little nicer place to be we have removed the factory tape player and installed a new Alpine head unit with a Sirius satellite radio upgrade.

We also installed a 6 disc CD changer in the rear of the 110 for access to even more music from the head unit.

To finish off the system we removed all the cheap-o factory speakers and replaced the rears with a set of Alpine 6" units that fit nicely into the factory location.

Up from we replaced the 4" front speakers in the lower dash with new Alpine 6" speakers in the doors for better sound quality. To install these units we use the late model factory grills and speaker surrounds for as clean and simple an install as possible. Now the 110 will have much better sound, but not scream "aftermarket sound system" when you look inside the vehicle.

Under the 110 there were dozens of work orders that needed to be done. Everything from transfer case leaks, pinion seal leaks, seized handbrakes and much more. Each work order has been completed with all new genuine Land Rover parts to make the 110 ready for action and to make those system ready for another decade plus of service.

Here you can see the engine bay coming back together. All new gaskets combined with new tune up and PCV system parts will make this 3.9 ready for what is asked of it on the island. Once everything in the engine bay is done we will clean it up as it is filthy from all the old leaks (notice the firewall).

To cure the brake problems meant all new rear brakes, shoes, drums, wheel cylinders and such. Now the 110 stops as it should and has good pedal feel.

The RH footwell trim was missing in this 110, a common problem with those cheap cardboard trims they came with from the factory. So to replace it we did not install the factory unit, we installed a set of new ECR ROX alloy units that will stand up to wet boots and all the things that a Defender interior should stand up to.

Here you can see the drivers footwell trim installed. These are alloy pieces that are polymer coated for long life, but with a clean stock appearance.

This image shows the new front headliner in place with the late model spec. interior light. This light gives off more light and is in a much better place for reading maps and finding things in the front of the 110. The factory interior light was behind the interior roll bar and hardly lit up anything in the front of the Rover.

Here you can see the middle and rear headliners installed. This gives a new and clean look to the inside of the 110. You can also see we have added the late model rear interior light so that loading and unloading cargo or people after dark is a much easier operation.

Once the road tests where complete we cleaned the engine bay to make it not only look good, but be easier to service and easier to trace any problems that might come up in the future.

The customer also requested some new running boards to make it easier to get in and out of the 110 so we have installed a set for him.

Here you can see the fully serviced and repaired 110 now ready for transport to Hyannis and then onto the ferry to Nantucket. The 110 will be a lot of fun on the island because we have added some nice features, but the main thing is that we have now gone through the majority of the mechanical work on the 110 so that the customer can enjoy the Rover for the summer, without worry of what will go wrong next.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help get your Defender back into shape.