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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Stage 1 109 Station Wagon
Repairs and Upgrades

This Stage 1 109 (A Stage 1 is a factory built late model 109" Land Rover that had a 3.5 V8 installed, as well as full time 4x4, but it was still leaf sprung. It was the cross over vehicle between the Series III and the 110) has come to us from MA for some service work and upgrades. The upgrades will be a set of parabolic springs and Old Man Emu shocks for a smoother ride and better handling.

Here you can see that we have removed the badly rusted front standard leaf springs and we have started to install the new parabolic springs on the front of the Stage 1. The old blown out shock, seen above, will also be replaced with a new OME unit. The springs are also getting new polyurethane bushings, both in the frame and in the springs, for a better ride and longer bushing life.

In the rear of the 109 we have removed the rusted leaf springs and the blown shocks and installed the TI Console springs along with a matching set of OME shocks. The frame bushings in the rear where also replaced with polyurethane and new u-bolts were also used to complete a proper repair. We also use liberal amounts of anti-seize products on all the spring bolts so that future repairs can all be handled easily, without stuck bolts, unlike the current hardware where some pieces had to be cut out with the cutting torch due to rust and corrosion. The new springs will make the 109 a much better vehicle to drive on a daily basis.
For more information on parabolic springs, go here.

This image shows the completed front suspension with the new parabolic spring, upgraded shocks and urethane bushings. While the suspension was being buttoned up we also did a few small service items such as setting the timing and replacing some worn out steering components.

Here you can see the Stage 1 is now nicely sprung and ready to head back to MA. The parabolics give the 109 a nice ride and they also gave it a nice lift. If you have service needs for your Defender or Series Rover feel free to contact ECR. Anything from a small job like this suspension install to a full restoration, we are your source.