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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Series IIA Bulkhead Repair

What is left of this Series IIA bulkhead has come to us from a customer that is doing his own restoration in NC. We will be doing the bulkhead metal work, and he'll be doing the rest. As is common with 30-40 year old bulkheads, this one has quite a bit of rust.

As you can see above, the floor section on the RH side is missing completely and the LH side isn't far behind. The RH foot that mounts to the chassis is missing as well. Most shops would consider this bulkhead ready for the scrap pile, but with our bulkhead jig we can bring it back into shape. The next step is to cut all the rust away and media blast the bulkhead to find the hidden rust and damage.

Once we cut away the rusted areas you can see that there wasn't much left to this bulkhead. The top section is workable though, so next we'll media blast the section back to white metal to find any pin holes or further damage. Then we'll start to bring the bulkhead back into shape.

In the jig you can see that we have started to install the new door posts and feet that will make the bulkhead as good as new, and because it is jig built it will fit, and all the doors will line up properly once the Rover gets put back together.

Once the relatively easy floors and door posts get set in place, the custom fabrication can begin. Here you can see that the inner tunnel area had some serious through rust, so we have cut all the corrosion and rust away and custom fabricated repair panels made from thicker steel to replace the areas. The welds will then be ground flush giving a 100% steel repair and a clean factory appearance.

This image shows the bulkhead with the jig arms removed. You can now see that the bulkhead is starting to look like a bulkhead again. The new feet and door posts are in place, as are the footwells and top sections. You can also see that the footwells we use have the correct stampings in them for a correct factory look. These pieces are also lightly galvanized for ultra long life. Next we will do the detail work by adding the heater openings, door seal lips and get ready to run the bulkhead through the dunk tanks so that rust won't come back anytime soon.

Here you can see that the steel work for the bulkhead has been completed. The Series door seal lips have been added and all the desired repairs are done. We have also run the bulkhead through our dunk tanks that fully submerge the top section and the L and R door post areas in heavy duty primer. This gets paint in and around areas where a spray gun can't get, and will assure that this bulkhead will be good for the life of the Rover. The customer is going to be doing his own paint work and assembly, so this project is completed for us. Now the owner will finish up his 88 knowing that the bulkhead will fit his frame, his doors will line up and they everything will go together correctly because of his jig built ECR bulkhead.

If your SII or SIIA bulkhead needs repair, contact ECR and we'll be happy to get it back into shape for you!