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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

1996 Discovery
Minor accident damage

This local Disco had a little run in with an immovable object and its driver's door when it was backing up. The result was a wrecked door and the need for ECR's paint and body department. First step, asses the damage and remove the bad parts.

Here you can see we have removed the door, and unfortunately it can't be saved. It has been flexed out of shape and has to be replaced, along with the upper window frame.

Here you can see the new door has arrived and has been primed and painted in the correct Willow Green base coat/ clear coat and is now ready for assembly, and then install onto the Discovery.

Once all the window pieces, power lock parts and such have been installed into the new door shell it is hung on the Disco and lined up to look and close properly. The image above shows the new door assembled on the Disco. Prior to delivery we'll wash the Disco and buff the old faded paint so that everything matches nicely. Quality Genuine Land Rover parts, correct painting techniques and quick turn around times for our paint and body work means a win win situation for all your Land Rover
If you have paint and body needs for your Rover, be sure to contact ECR.
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