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Please be aware that ECR is now a Defender repair and modification shop only.
We no longer work on Range Rovers, Discos or Series Rovers.
These pages are from work we did in the past and left up for your enjoyment.

Range Rover Classic
4.6 install and repairs

1988 RR #106
This late 1988 Range Rover Classic has come to us from Montana due to a very sad and long story. The owner of the Rover called ECR to talk about a 4.6 conversion and some upgrades for his Range Rover some time ago, but in the end he decided that a local Land Rover shop could handle his repairs and upgrades, and he didn't need to send the Rover to ECR. Unfortunately, the installers of the engine made a complete mess of the install, using some incorrect parts, and worse yet, screwing up the engine start up. This screw up wrecked the customers new 4.6 long block due to lack of oil pressure, and the list of poorly done repairs doesn't stop there. This so called "budget" shop wouldn't stand behind their mistake, so in the end the customer shipped the, now non-running, blown brand new 4.6, to ECR for us to sort it out. This means the install of another new 4.6 long block. The old block and parts were so badly damaged that they could not be saved. Needless to say ECR will be installing the correct Genuine Land Rover parts, the right way, and we'll get this customer back on the road in a correctly running 4.6 powered Range Rover.

The first step is to remove the damaged 4.6 and get the engine bay cleaned up and ready for a proper 4.6 install. In the image above you can see we have removed the engine and have degreased the engine bay. We have also removed some of the wiring that the previous shop messed up and have brought the Rover back to a "clean slate" so that we can install the new 4.6 long block properly.

This image shows the damaged 4.6 removed and on the engine stand (left), next to it is our new 4.6 (right), that you can see we have already converted to run in the 1988 Rover, with a new 14CUX EFI computer. The parts that we need, such as the starter and intake will now be removed from the damaged 4.6, cleaned, inspected and repaired as needed and then installed on the new 4.6 prior to install back into the Range Rover.

When we say we do the engine installs correctly, we mean it. In the image above you can see that we have stripped down the intake from the damaged 4.6, cleaned it, and we will now start to build up the new 4.6. Each piece will gets the same attention, so nothing goes wrong in our engine installs... no leaks, no problems. Next the trumpet base will be cleaned and installed along with an inspection of the injectors and new hoses and gaskets.

Here you can see that we have transferred all the needed parts to the new 4.6, as well as made some corrections that the previous installers messed up. We also took a minute and fixed the power steering hoses so that they won't leak anymore and got everything set up for a nice simple install into the engine bay.

After the engine is set in place all the systems are hooked up and made ready for the initial start up of the new 4.6. Each system is checked as it is installed and any flaws are taken care of before the engine starts. The engine bay now looks correct for the 3.9 engine, but has the power of the 4.6 long block underneath it. Next we'll move inside the Rover and sort the EFI computer and upgrade it to the latest software version of the performance 4.6 chip so that the engine will not only run great, but be able to be serviced by any Rover diagnostic computer. Then we'll move on to some road tests, some minor repairs, and some test miles before the customer takes delivery of his new 4.6 powered 1988 Range Rover.

This image shows the completed Range Rover, now with 4.6 Rover V8 power and fully sorted out, road tested and ready to go. It will be loaded on the next transport trucks and be on its way back out west to its owner. It is too bad that the owner had chosen to install a 4.6 and had the local shop mess up his new engine, but once the staff of ECR were able to get our hands on the project, the new ECR 4.6 now runs silky smooth and has power to spare. So if you think that ECR is too far away for your upgrades and repairs, think about this poor customer and the two 4.6 engines he had to buy. There is only one way... the right way, and there is only one choice... ECR.